Does your child need a tutor?

If so, then give me a call! 

I am an Illinois State Certified K-9 teacher. I am one class away from my Masters degree in Elementary Education and an active and highly regarded substitute teacher in one of the area's largest and highest rated school districts.

I am offering tutoring services for students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. Whether your student is having difficulty grasping certain concepts or just needs that "little extra push" to succeed, I can help. I can assist with math, reading, language arts, spelling, social studies, and science throughout the elementary grades. I am  proficient with the curriculums and methods used in many schools in the area today.

My rates are very competitive and I'm willing to meet at your home, my home, or at a public location such as public libraries. I am available weekdays and weekends. 

Resume and references are available upon request.

You may contact me at (815) 714-9170


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