Owner of Puppy Parlor Breaks her Silence

I have been licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture for 23 consecutive years and have always had acceptable reviews from all inspections from them and Du Page County Animal Control. If I didn’t my license would have been revoked. The puppies and dogs in my care are routinely seen by a veterinarian for well puppy/dog checkups. There is a veterinarian assistant on call 24 hours a day in case of illness. If an illness occurs she works with our vet to ensure the sick puppy or dog get the best of care.  All puppies I sell or rescue dogs that I arrange adoptions for are up to date on all necessary vaccinations for their age including Rabies shot. The puppies have a health guarantee until their first birthday for any genetic abnormalities. I breed a limited number of Yorkies who are raised in my home until I find good families for them.


At Puppy Parlor we encourage customers to pet and play with all puppies and dogs that are in the front of the store to help them socialize with different humans. The staff switches puppy playmates often to ensure they are well socialized with other breeds of puppies. Many of our rescue dogs are placed with foster families so they stay socialized with humans while waiting for a new loving family. If I thought they were abusing the puppies or dogs I would let them go and report the abuse to the police to have them prosecuted. 


To find out the truth behind allegations leveled at Tammy and Puppy Parlor please read the in depth interview done by Joanna Smith along with all Illinois Department of Agriculture Docket Finding Report and The only one in 4 years from Du Page County Animal Control go to: petindustryfactvsfiction.blogspot.com

Roseanne Lynch June 20, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Good for you Tammy, I have seen first hand just how nasty those few people set on putting you out of business can be. They slander you and your business and admit to stopping your customers from entering your store. They slander and mock anyone who has an opinion different than theirs. You have a tough fight but stay strong. I have done a lot of research and have been in your store several times. Although I did not choose a puppy from your place I would have if you had the right dog for me but that was the only reason, your place was spotless and you seemed so protective of your puppies. Don't let a few idiots bring you down. Keep up your postings so people will realize that you have been unfairly targeted by a group of brainless individuals bent on forcing you out of business.


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