Bolingbrook and Romeoville Girl Scout Cookie Contacts: A Comprehensive List

Every troop in Bolingbrook and Romeoville that's selling Girl Scout cookies, plus a delicious app to help you find a cookie seller near you.

Girl Scout Cookie Apps 

Want to get your cookie fix but don't know which troop is closest to you? Check out this delicious "Cookie Locator" app. 

The free Cookie Locator mobile app will let customers:

  • Search for sales by neighborhood and even map their way
  • Get details on their favorite Girl Scout Cookies
  • Find their true “cookie personalities” and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email

To download this FREE app:
Simply call **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) from your mobile phone. It will also be available in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market Place.

The Full List 

Troop# First Name Last Name Email 70012 Liza Dirl keith580@comcast.net 70014 Donna McWilliams donnamcwilly@yahoo.com 70028 Angela Serverino sevrino22@comcast.net 70029 Angela Watts asw2202@sbcglobal.net 70035 Jean Henning jp.henning@comcast.net 70036 Jackie Pronger mamamiajackie@hotmail.com 70037 Ronda Goers rondagstroop37@mail.com 70041 Brandy Ihne bjihne@sbcglobal.net 70042 Robin Wise rwise73@yahoo.com 70053 Janet Ramirez jramirez0919@hotmail.com 70061 Jen Shroba shrobas5@sbcglobal.net 70071 Cathy Hess hess1996@gmail.com; 70117 Gloria Velino g.velino@comcast.net 70124 Stephanie Beebe thebeebefamily@comcast.net 70132 Gayle Floresca gayle.floresca@gmail.com 70136 Deana Capua deanacapua@yahoo.com 70158 Sondra Vilimek slvilimek@aol.com 70176 Julie Woods Julie.wood@ffic.com 70193 Kim Workman ldtchr1@yahoo.com 70207 Laura Katauskas katauskas@sbcglobal.net 70213 Jane Bouhuys sewkites@comcast.net 70214 Jen Gilstrap jen.gilstrap@hotmail.com 70215 Michele Phillips ctrkid@hotmail.com 70218 Jen Shroba shrobas5@sbcglobal.net 70220 Elizabeth Scorza elizabethscorza@comcast.net 70222 Stephanie Arnieri mskka@comcast.net 70275 Marie Cudia mariecudia@yahoo.com 70322 Melissa Gaston melissa_gaston@comcast.net 70350 Leah Carnell carebear42401@aol.com 70357 Dana Gilbreath danag818@sbcglobal.net 70370 Tammy McDonald tammamcd@aol.com 70417 Tara Peters twostrz74@yahoo.com 70424 Patti Chow pleninger@yahoo.com 70424 Francie Capp randazzo12@hotmail.com 70426 Bridgette Sprovieri bridgettesprovieri@yahoo.com 70434 Chrissy Pavlis cpavlis@gmail.com 70435 Kim Workman ldtchr1@yahoo.com 70459 Cindy Botello cbotello@comcast.net 70476 April Krumin jak1097@sbcglobal.net 70499 Stefanie Stephens rsss98@aol.com 70592 Kim Correa kcorrea92@comcast.net 70631 Caryn Welsh welshfam@sbcglobal.net 70636 Ginger Butz ginger.butz@yahoo.com 70637 Courtney Magliano stillajouza@sbcglobal.net 70672 Sheryl Randall sheryl_randall@yahoo.com 70680 Monika Sauer monika.sauer@att.net 70698 Jamie DiDomenico jdidomenico95@sbcglobal.net 70855 Kristine Wahlgren hankjan@hotmail.com 70898 Annette Eichorst eichorsta@comcast.net 70933 Myra Kastler gkastler@comcast.net 70934 Stephanie Koperski slkoperski@comcast.net


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