G & W Electric Brings Big Business to Bolingbrook

The company was previously located in Blue Island and employs 400 people.

A family business stakeholders focused on on preserving its enterprise for future generations.

That belief was on display at the recent ribbon cutting ceremony for family owned G & W Electric, a global supplier of electric power equipment and relative newcomer to corporate corridor.

Company Owner John Mueller addressed an audience including Congresswoman Judy Biggert, Illinois State Senator Pat McGuire, 85th District State Representative Emily McAsey, Will County Executive Larry Walsh and Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar about the efforts coordinated locally that brought the company to Bolingbrook.

“We grew 285 percent over a 25 year period," Mueller said. "Compounding double digit growth year after year caused us to outgrow our 120,000 square foot Blue Island facility. We employ 400 people domestically and looked at places in Indiana and Wisconsin. Our employees are like family, and moving to another state meant walking away from 40 percent of our employees and that’s not how we operate.”

To assuage this concern, Mueller’s team worked closely with John Grueling President and CEO for the Will County Center for Economic Development. That led to the 377,000 square foot facility located at 305 West Crossroads Pkwy.

“It’s pretty easy to see why this company is so successful,” said Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Mayor Claar. “The compassion, interest and love for his employees and company. We’re just thrilled that they’re here.” 

Overcome with emotion while reflecting on the memory of his father, Mueller broke down while expressing his gratitude for his father’s faith
in his leadership abilities. “Dad took a chance on me and I don’t intend to
disappoint him.”  Mueller contributes much of the company’s success to the dedication from employees like 57-year veteran Joe Mills.

“Joe lives in the city and makes the commute here every day," Mueller said. "We offered him retirement, but he won’t have anything to do with it or a retirement party. Joe’s gonna take this thing till the end.”

“You’ve helped us bring a jolt to the local economy," Biggert told Mueller. "Now we want to do everything we can to help you continue powering the world.”


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