Sight-Impaired Patient Left by Bolingbrook Eye Doc to Trip in Dark Room: Lawsuit

The Bolingbrook woman's husband has been deprived of his wife's love, society and relations since she tripped and fell at the eye doctor's office, the lawsuit said.

Credit: U.S. Department of Transportation
Credit: U.S. Department of Transportation
A Bolingbrook woman with one legally blind eye tripped and fell in a darkened room at her eye doctor's office, leaving her husband deprived of his wife's love, society and relations, according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

Catherine Williams and her husband, Ronald Seay, named Bolingbrook ophthalmologist Irma Ahmed and Retina Macula Specialists as defendants in their lawsuit.

Williams went to Retina Macula Specialists for an eye exam in May 2012, the lawsuit said. During the exam, the suit said, Ahmed darkened the room and dilated the pupil of Williams' non-legally blind eye.

"Dr. Ahmed proceeded to walk out of the examination room and advised Williams to follow her knowing that the room was dark," the lawsuit claimed, adding that Ahmed "knew or should have known that the scope machine was extended out into the pathway where (Williams) was to walk."

Williams tripped and "fell face forward," the suit said, and Ahmed called for an ambulance as the downed woman "could not get up on her own."

It turned out that "Williams sustained serious, debilitating and permanent injuries to her head, neck , shoulder, and arm," the lawsuit said, and to make matters worse Seay has lost his wife's "consortium," and now must "undertake" such tasks as "bathing her, shopping, housekeeping and other duties usually performed by his spouse ... Catherine Williams."

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