Woman Battling Breast Cancer Inspires with Thoughtful Thursdays Campaign

Kim Jewett is 'surviving and thriving' with her acts of kindness program, Thoughtful Thursdays.

UPDATE: Kim Jewett has been chosen as the Huffington Post's Greatest Person of the Day, which features stories of people across the nation who are confronting major issues and making a difference in their community. Congratulations, Kim!


Kim Jewett may have been diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer, but rather than dwell on it she has chosen “to inspire” instead.

Three years ago, when Jewett was 31, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This February, she was diagnosed again.

To distract herself from her sickness, the Plainfield woman and Grande Park Elementary mom, implemented “Thoughtful Thursdays” over the summer, where she and her family and friends would do something thoughtful for others each Thursday.

So far they have volunteered at Feed my Starving Children, written letters to service men and women and hosted lemonade stands to donate the proceeds to their favorite charities.

“It started with just trying to throw myself into something to make me feel good. And now it’s brought awareness, inspiration to the community. It’s turning into a great project.”

The current project that Jewett is working on through Thoughtful Thursdays involves making fleece blankets for cancer patients and their families.

The response has been overwhelming, said Jewett, who received a letter from the family of one of the cancer patients who had received a blanket.

The letter reads:

Dear Sweet Kim, Kalli, & Tyler,

What a beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, gentle, thing you did for our family today at the cancer center. My brother-in-law and I were so touched by your gesture of presenting my sister-in-law with that beautiful, warm, cozy blanket-that matched her fingernails too! My sister-in-law is such a sweet lady, and she would have loved to thank you profusely and sincerely if she could have.

She is lying next to me in her bed now, and I thought we were going to loose her before we got her transported home from the hospital that day. She looks so pretty and content under your blanket. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Kim, good luck in your treatment, and tell your kids they are wonderful, and have a beautiful, sweet mom.

On the back of the card, was a post-it note that said: 

PS - Kathy died tonight at 11:45pm in October.

Jewett said that while such things are devastating, she’s glad to be getting her story out to help inspire and help others.

“It’s random acts of kindness,” she said. “It’s really starting to spread.”

Several local schools have become interested in Thoughtful Thursdays, and on Oct.  18 Jewett led a blanket-making event at Grande Park, her children's, Kalli and Tyler, school.

For any other schools, groups or individuals that would like to be a part of Thoughtful Thursdays, Jewett encouraged them to visit the Facebook page for all activities and events that are being put on. For November, Jewett has plans for a food drive.

As for herself, Jewett said she’s “doing good.” She finished up her last round of chemotherapy around Labor Day and had surgery about two weeks ago to officially remove her breast. She’s scheduled to start radiation treatment on Oct. 29.

“My friends tell me I’m crazy,” she laughed. “They say ‘You’re in the middle of treatment!’ But it’s all about surviving and thriving and giving back with a passion.”

Even after her treatment is over, Jewett said she plans to continue Thoughtful Thursdays.

“It’s not just about cancer. Everyone struggles with something,” she said. “We all just need to circle back to positive thoughts and do whatever we can do. That’s how we keep going.”

John Roberts October 17, 2012 at 03:54 PM
I said what I said because not sure of you know it or not.....But when going through chemo and radiation your reflex you have in our body to hold things down is not there.I mean you can end over and tie your shoes and put too much pressure on your stomach and get sick.....When using marijuana what's the effects? You get hungry...Which means most of the time your reflux is acting in a way to want to consume....not reject...This put protein back into your body which helps to fight cancer.....this is not about getting stoned,using drugs and being a burnout this,my post was to inform..information not to freely shared by other family members,friends of work,.but it is information shared by people that have been through this...or know the effects....
Brandy Kneip October 17, 2012 at 05:12 PM
I am so proud to say that Kim is my best friend. She has inspired me so many times throughout her journey. Her strength and determination to beat cancer is amazing. I have seen her at her worst moments. After losing her hair and both her breasts she reminds me that her wounds can be covered with clothes and accessories. Many cancer survivors are not as lucky and those who don't survive can't complain at all. After Kim's first battle with cancer, She desperately wanted to give back and help others. She recruited all her friends and family to help her run a charity golf outing. After months of hard work, it turned out to be a very successful event. It felt so good to donate all the proceeds to a cancer non-profit but more important, I believe Kim found her passion. Her positive energy draws you in and you can't help but share her passion for helping others. Through this disease, you have found your calling. You have become a stronger woman, an advocate for others and a leader in your community. I am so proud of you for just being you. I love you honey!
Richard R October 17, 2012 at 07:07 PM
So with most of the emphasis on women to get check out yearly. When does it come into play for men, I truly mean this. And does the insurance pay for said procedure. like they do for woman. I do know that cases in men have been only about 1% as opposed to higher numbers with women. But it does seem an up word trend in men the last few years.
Justmyopinion October 17, 2012 at 08:08 PM
What a wonderful and inspirational story! So nice to see something positive instead of our community fighting over a story! Way to go Kim.
Jeannine Zupo October 19, 2012 at 12:58 AM
Thanks Kim. Today's Thoughtful Thursday at Grande Park was amazing. So proud to be a part of it. Thank you. Praying for your recovery and strength. So many friends battling cancer. You are all an inspiration.


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