Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Earns High Mark for Patient Safety

Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital’s safety score of a “B” is based on the levels of infections, injuries and medical and medication errors.

Editor's Note: The following is a release from Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

earned an excellent grade from The Leapfrog Group, which last week released a hospital safety score for every acute care hospital in the country.

Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital’s safety score of a “B” is based on the levels of infections, injuries and medical and medication errors. Calculated under the guidance of a nine-member panel of patient safety experts, the score uses 26 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to produce a single score representing a hospital’s overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors.

Of the 2,652 hospitals issued a safety score by Leapfrog, 1,408 earned an A or B and 1,243 earned a C or below.

The designation comes a year after Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital implemented a new electronic system – called computerized provider order entry system, or CPOE – designed to drastically reduce medical errors and speed up patient care by eliminating handwritten orders for all inpatients. The organization also introduced a system for administering medication to patients. That process, called Medication Positive Patient Identification (mPPID), greatly reduces the possibility of a medication or dosing error.

“With innovations including CPOE and mPPID, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital stands at the forefront of embracing new medical technology designed to improve patient safety,” said Rick Mace, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital’s chief executive officer. “Safety is our top priority – it’s what patients and their families expect every time they come to our hospital. As a young hospital (we opened in January 2008), we are pleased with our ‘B’ score and our overall quality scores are excellent.”

When the data is reported next year, Mace predicts Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital will earn an “A.”

For the first time, The Leapfrog Group’s hospital safety score highlights the country’s safest hospitals and sheds a light on the poor performance of other institutions. Every day in the U.S., more than 400 people die because of a hospital injury, infection, or error.

“It’s our goal to hold hospitals accountable for how safe they are and give patients the information they need and deserve before even entering a hospital,” said Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group.

The Leapfrog Group is an independent, national not-for-profit organization of employer purchasers of health care and the nation’s leading experts on patient safety that administers the Hospital Safety Score. For more information, click here.


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