Nearby BP Stations Listed Among Those That Sold Tainted Gas

The gas might cause hard starts, rough idling, or stalling according to BP.

Two gas stations in Bolingbrook are among the stations that recently sold tainted gas from an Indiana refinery.

BP released a searchable database on their website Wednesday, where people can enter a town name to find stations that inadvertently sold the tainted gas. 

The following gas stations were on the list: 

  • , 195 N. Weber Rd. 
  • , 735 E Boughton Rd. 

To search for a station your might have used, check the database above, and take a look at our map.

Issues caused by the tainted gas include:

  • hard starts, or not starting
  • rough idling
  • stalling

The tainted gas leaves a polymeric residue that gets stuck on fuel injectors and spark plugs, leading to the hard starts, or none at all. The problem stemmed from an alkylation unit at the company’s Whiting, Ind. refinery, according to BP.

About 16,000 calls have been received as of Friday in relation to the recall, and they have started paying out claims, BP said in a release.

The company suggested the following for people who may have engine problems from the gas:

Any consumer who purchased off-specification fuel wishing to file a claim should call 1-800-333-3991 or 1-800-599-9040 to speak to a claims representative.  Consumers should save sales receipts, credit/debit card records and repair bills. They can also access information and submit an online inquiry at www.bpresponse.com

Linda T. August 31, 2012 at 03:11 AM
Well, if it is anything like the time the Speedway Gas Station on 53 and Boughton had water get into their pumps - you better have a receipt to prove you got your gas there. We used to get our gas there all the time, but now we don't buy Speedway anymore. We actually paid for the gas with gift certificates and could probably tell them the approximate numbers, but that wasn't good enough - now we never get gas without a receipt! Cars were actually dying pulling out onto 53 (this was several years ago). Good luck!


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