Gas Guide: Prices Around Bolingbrook, April 19

Patch rounds up the best prices at area gas stations.

With gas prices rising over $4 in much of the Chicago area, we want to help our readers with a weekly roundup of the best deals around.

According to the AAA Fuel Price Finder, the average price of gas in the Bolingbrook area is now $4.22—up nearly 15 cents from last week, and more than 60 cents from last month.

The average cost to fuel a vehicle with a 15-gallon tank is $63.32. 

In other words—gas is expensive.

Here are some of the best prices at nearby stations, courtesy of the AAA Fuel Price Finder:

Station Address Price* 447 N. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.19 499 W. Boughton Rd. $4.19 271 S. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.19 398 S. Schmidt Rd. $4.19 352 S. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.19 398 S. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.19 735 E. Boughton Rd. $4.19 290 Veterans Pkwy. $4.19 102 W. Boughton Rd. $4.20 Greater Chciago I-55 Auto TP 510 S. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.29 BP 543 S. Bolingbrook Dr. $4.29 Mobil 698 E. Boughton Rd. N/A


Nearby Stations

Lemont Stations

  • $4.19: Shell, 12311 S. Archer Ave.
  • $4.19: Lemont Citgo, 12300 Archer Ave.
  • $4.20: Lemont Kar Gas, 1196 State St.


  • $4.19: Mac's Convenience Store, 8975 Lemont Road

Homer Glen

  • $4.17: GasMart USA, 12819 W. 143rd St.
  • $4.17: Gas City, 12503 W. 143rd St.


  • $4.09: Shell, 1 Alexander Circle
  • $4.19: Citgo, 1100 N. Indpendence Blvd.

AAA lists the following ways to save gas for when you're between fill-ups:

  • Avoid idling when possible;
  • Use cruise control when possible and maintain constant speed;
  • Avoid carrying more weight (the heavier your car is, the more gas you use);
  • Don’t brake or accelerate too quickly; and
  • Keep tires properly filled.

Out and about and low on gas? AAA recently released the AAA TripTik Mobile app for iPhone users. The app allows users to compare gas prices while on the go.

paul c April 19, 2011 at 12:46 PM
Food for Less offers a Fuel Saver Rewards program. $.10 off per gallon of gas if you purchase $100 or more in groceries. Otherwise, the program discounts $.03 per gallon.
Erno of the Brook April 19, 2011 at 07:34 PM
And, how much of that $100 food bill goes to pay for the fuel it took to get those products to market? All this table tells us is that collusion is rampant in this country. Speculation on Wall Street drives prices up and multiple oil-delivery companies collude together to fix prices so no matter where you live, you will pay a fixed price. And, the fact that the federal government sits idly by and lets it happen, says a lot about who is really in control of this country. Does anyone remember the last time gas prices reached these perches? Does anyone remember the last year of the Bush administration? Wake up people; fascism is right around the corner.


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