Gelato Forte Owner Thanks Customers for Support While Battling Cancer

Business owners in the area tell Patch what they're best known for and when they got started.

Photo/Gelato Forte Facebook page
Photo/Gelato Forte Facebook page
Gelato Forte & Patisserie, located in Bolingbrook, was opened in 2010. 

  • Business: Gelato Forte & Patisserie
  • Address: 317 N. Schmidt Rd. in Bolingbrook 
  • Contact: 630-542-5800
  • Submitted by: Robin Williams, owner
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When and how did your business get started?

Chef Williams graduated from The French Pastry School in Chicago. Gelato Forte & Patisserie was then opened on March 9, 2010. We started serving Low butter Fat Italian Ice Cream and fat free Sorbet. In addition we sell Grilled Panini Sandwiches some pastry and several types of cakes. Since then we have added Gourmet Chocolate and Chicago mix style popcorn.

What is your business best known for?

Our Business is best know for Gelato but the ice cream season is 101 days in the summer. So we notice our customers purchase more pints and quart sizes in the fall. We sell a lot of cakes our Germans chocolate cake is extremely popular and then our Caramel cake. For the holidays we will offer our Mousse Cakes and French Macaroons.

Why did you choose the town you did to open your business? 

We live in Bolingbrook and love the community and decided we wanted to serve our community with a fresh and healthier product. Gelato Forte is the first and only Producers of Gelato in Bolingbrook.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know?

I was diagnosed with cancer last year and I'm in remission. So I have a better perspective on my life and our business. I really thank and love my customers for their support. Now I have to make this statement because my customers say it all the time: that we have the best popcorn they have ever tasted!

Does your business offer a special deals card or program?

We do have coupons that you can obtain by coming to our store. And we post Holiday offers for our Gourmet Popcorn Tins on our website.

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