Saw it on eBay: 18-Inch Snow Thrower

Imperfections of this scratch/dent item likely will be perfect cure for what ails your aching snow shovel back.

This Toro snow thrower is selling for $359. Credit: eBay.com
This Toro snow thrower is selling for $359. Credit: eBay.com

My back was sore after I shoveled out the heavy snow the plow crew guys dumped in the end of my driveway last week. Thanks for that, by the way! And as I was cursing under my breath, my wife suggested perhaps it was time to invest in a snow blower/thrower.

This one is selling for $359. And I Saw it on eBay. It’s a Toro Snow Thrower with recoil start (18” wide and 12” high).

The seller—small-engine-deals—has received 99.5 percent positive feedback on eBay. And the seller says shipping is free.

Be advised this snow thrower is described as “new/scratch dent” — which the seller says means this: “A typical scratch and dent item was purchased without its original box and has much more handling than most items. Many of these are old stock and may have some shaft surface rust from the extended inventor period.”


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