Saw it on eBay: Non-Stick Baking Set

Are you all about dishwasher-safe, easy cleaning cookware, too?

This six-piece BakerEze set is selling for $28.99. Credit: eBay.com
This six-piece BakerEze set is selling for $28.99. Credit: eBay.com

I made a baked peppermint cheesecake for dessert on Christmas Day. And it was a big hit—except for one unfortunate hiccup. The Oreo-cookie crust layer stuck to the bottom of the springform pan.

So, I’m in the market for some new non-stick bakeware. And I saw this six-piece BakerEze set on eBay. The seller—muggsy106—is asking $28.99 for the set and that includes the price of shipping.

Muggsy describes the set like this:

“It is the perfect tool for people who love to make and enables them to make delicious cookies, cakes, breads and other bakes. The set contains an assortment of baking pans, including six-cup muffin, loaf, cookie, pizza, cake and utility pans.”

And, best of all, according to Muggsy:

“Since it is non-stick, food does not stick to the surface and releases easily.”

Thank you, eBay.


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