Sweet Annie’s Bakery Not Staying in Flossmoor

A rental disagreement is responsible for the recent decision, although details are peculiarly vague.

After a back-and-fourth series of events, Sweet Annie’s Bakery will not be staying in Flossmoor after all. A rental disagreement between owner Anne Aboushoush and landlord Dean Armstrong is apparently to blame, but there are not many details beyond that.

“We’re sorry we couldn’t work things out. We’re sorry to see her leave,” Armstrong said. “I wish she’d stay.”

The only official comment Sweet Annie’s is making is in the form of a written statement given to employees to read to anyone who asks about the situation. It reads:

Due to a misunderstanding regarding how long we are able to remain in the Flossmoor location, we will be moving to Homewood, not expanding as previously planned. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause you.

Flossmoor Mayor Paul Braun was cited as partly responsible for bringing Aboushousha and Armstrong to an agreement a couple weeks ago. He says he’s unaware of the details of the disagreement but that he hopes the two can rectify the issue. Based on the written statement, however, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the case.

Sweet Annie's will be making the move to Homewood within the next month or two, according to Aboushousha.

Patch will continue following this story as more details unfold.

AC February 03, 2013 at 01:39 AM
Fine by me, like I said, its comparable to our area, at least cheaper!! It wouldn't be much of a downgrade!!
Worthy February 03, 2013 at 02:53 AM
If you want to move to hinsdale expect to pay two or three times as much for a similar home when comparing to homes in flossmoor. The property taxes in hinsdale are higher for the average home also. Regarless of having a lower tax rate, the assessments on property in hinsdale is much higher. Hammond on the other hand has lower taxes, plenty of diversity, but also a lot more extreme poverty. And the crime that comes along with urban poverty. If you want to live in a low income neighborhood then hammond is a decent place to live and flossmoor is not for you. I happen to like the flossmoor brewery. If you can't afford the prices then eat somewhere else. It's a business. And businesses charge what there patrons are willing to pay. There are other place to have a drink or eat at around town. The same thing goes for the new cottage on dixie restaurant. Every establishment in town does not have to cater to the early bird special crowd. Like one poster said, this is an economically diverse area. There are plenty of haves as well as some have nots who live out here. There are plenty of high income earners living in flossmoor and olympia fields in particular. So it's nice to have some establishments that cater to those who have expendable income, There are already plenty of establishments for affordable family diners.
Billy February 04, 2013 at 05:06 AM
Diversity means more than two ethnic groups, which currently is the case here in HF. Also, one of those groups outnumbers the other by quite a bit. In the 70s there was TRUE diversity: Indian, Asian, Jewish, White, Black, Hispanic etc.. Also, whoever made the "Cedartucky" quip is racist. Seriously, what's the big deal here people? Flossmoor peeps can drive 12 blocks for your muffin. I am way more concerned with the greed/corruption among our politicians both state/national creating problems like Cook County, national debt, Benghazi and so much more...not where FIDO is going to get his healthy snacks.
The ORIGINAL Mike B February 07, 2013 at 01:36 AM
I agree Madge, SRJ is racist. BTW, I only have to go into the bedroom to get my morning muffin, why the h would I drive to Homewood???
Abbey March 04, 2013 at 01:15 PM
Shouldnt we be celebrating these businesses being successful enough to grow?! Shouldnt we be thankful they are just moving a few minutes away instead of closing their doors for good?! Are we not HF? Homewood-Flossmoor work together to keep the beautiful community we currently have! Has anyone been in Sweet Annie's in the warmer weather? These ladies are going to have heat stroke. There isnt proper AC for them. Did anyone notice the broken window near the dumpsters in the alley that took months to fix. Good thing there are ovens because the bakery has no heat. Shopping at Healthy Hounds is a wonderful but that store front too has its issues. Besides, if the Armstrongs care so much for these businesses why did they boycott them right after they were informed of the moves. Annie and Pamela give so much back to our community. The donations have supported and helped so many in need! We should be celebrating them not making this new journey difficult and stressful!!


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