Thomas the Best Choice Part 2

More reasons why Juan Thomas is the best choice in the Democratic primary election.

I had the opportunity to have a one to one conversation with Juan Thomas, a candidate for US Congress in the Democratic primary, because I had met him at a jobs forum in Joliet and wanted to learn more. At the forum, he struck me as a man who was genuinely concerned about jobs and wanted to do something about it.

We met in his office in Aurora and had a long conversation. In it he gave me some biographical information, all of which is available at juanthomas.com. I asked him for his position on a number of issues, including jobs and our current economic situation in this country. What he said lined up with what most of my friends and I believe to be true. Over the last 20 years or so, middle class wages have stagnated while those of the upper 5 percent, and especially the upper 1 percent, have grown exponentially. In order to maximize profits, corporations have shifted work from the United States to foreign countries, where they can get cheap labor, don’t have to worry about things like good working condition, fair compensation, etc. As a result, many of the middle class lost jobs as well as their homes and their savings. The upper folks, however, did extremely well and saw their incomes grow, mostly at the expense of the middle class.

He pointed out how over the last 20 years, taxes on the wealthy have decreased considerably, while those for the rest of us have not really changed much.  We continue to pay “normal” tax rates, while the wealthy are in most cases able to dodge taxes altogether or pay at a much lower rate.  Like me, he believes that everyone should pay their fair share, including the wealthy. 

He argues that if the wealthy paid at a fair rate, rather than at the rate of the Bush tax cuts, all of which are paid for by borrowing, we would be in a position to work on infrastructure in this country, putting a huge number of people back to work. Again like me, he does NOT believe that the way to pay for these things is to cut programs and services for the worst off and most vulnerable in our society. Instead, he sees it as a matter of character to treat people well, pay them fairly, and try to keep jobs in the United States.

To date, I haven’t received any information from the other candidates. It seems to me that Juan Thomas is actually the only candidate who actually cares about the people in the 11th District. Unlike the others, he isn’t running for office due to political expediency, but rather because he grew up here, continues to live here, and has a vested interest in the area and people who live here. If you are like me and consider yourself a progressive, or, if you prefer, a liberal, then I strongly urge you to support Juan Thomas in the primary election on March 20.

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Jackie Traynere March 07, 2012 at 08:44 PM
WWJ I believe that Juan did attend the protest against Condolisa Rice and I sure he got some great photo opportunities. If I was picking my candidate based on only this issue, then perhaps he would have gotten my vote, however it would have been more likely to get my attention had HE ORGANIZED the event himself. That being said, Bill Foster's RECORD while he was in congress stands for itself. His voting record for issues of concern to working families was 93% in 2010. He also voted for the Affordable Healthcare Act, and although I would have prefered Single Payer as the option, that wasn't allowed to come to the floor for a vote. I did support Sen Kerry and also VP Gore when they ran for office. If Juan becomes the nominee, I will most certainly support him as well. But this is the primary and I get to choose who I want to see face Judy and that choice is Bill Foster.
Betty Washington March 07, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Juan Thomas is my choice because he understands the plight of the working class families. He understands the need for jobs that pay a living wage, he understands the importance of healthcare for all, he understands that every child needs a quality education and an opportunity to attend an institution of higher learning. The poor and working class families need representation in Washington. This is why Juan Thomas is my choice. Betty in Joliet.
Jimmy J March 08, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Single Payer? Obamacare? Tax the Rich? Living Wage? Class Warfare? Progressive (Socialist - High Tax - Entitlement Society)? Briing It On! Republicans in 2012!
Emerson March 08, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Mr. Thomas may well be the best choice in this race. I do have one concern, that is his endorsement by Jesse Jackson Jr. Mr. Jackson is, in my opinion, ethically challenged due to his involvement in the Blago senate seat scandal. JJJ also has an interest in promoting the unneeded Peotone Airport against the will the citizens of South Suburbia and Will County. I would be unwilling to support a candidate that would team up with Mr. Jackson on this issue.
Juan Thomas March 13, 2012 at 04:02 AM
Emerson, Congressman Jackson's endorsement of me is not a reflection of any deal we have made regarding a Peotone Airport. As your Congressman, I remain committed to doing what is best for the people in Will County. Since I am a resident of Kane County, I have not be closely involved in this on going debate and would like to hear your concerns about this airport proposal and why you believe it is not needed. I want to have an informed opinion on the subject and would appreciate your input.


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