Bolingbrook Patch Seeking American Idol Bloggers

Are you a fan of the popular reality TV show? Why not blog about it?

Did you catch the season premiere of American Idol last night? Do you plan on watching every episode until a next American Idol is crowned in the coming months? Or maybe you just enjoy watching the abysmal singers crash and burn in front of a national audience? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider blogging for Bolingbrook Patch! We are currently looking for American Idol bloggers and all are welcome to join our blogging team!

Becoming a Bolingbrook Patch blogger is easy and allows you to create your own schedule for blogging. We won't require you to submit a minimum number of blogs or give you any deadlines. In fact, you can even become a one-and-done blogger if you find you don't enjoy the exerience.

What does blogging entail:

  • To blog, you must be a registered user of Patch. If you aren't already, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.
  • Then you'll have to contact the Bolingbrook Patch local editor to notify them of your wish to become a blogger. You can either email Brian Feldt at brianf@patch.com or CLICK HERE to apply for a blog.
  • After you are approved, you'll be able to blog at will—as much or as little as you want.

And blogs aren't limited to American Idol. We are also accepting bloggers for any and all popular TV shows. You can also blog about books, movies, church happenings and pretty much anything in between! 

To pitch a blog idea to Bolingbrook Patch, email Editor Brian Feldt at brianf@patch.com or call at 630-359-7800.

Patch bloggers are not paid and they own the content they produce. So if you are already blogging and want to share with our readers, too, let us know.

This is a chance to share your expertise and opinions with a wider audience! 


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