Randy Hultgren: The Only Member of the Illinois Delegation to Vote “NO” on the Highway Trust Fund Bill

This week Randy Hultgren once again aligned  himself with the far right wing of his party with his “No” vote to save highway construction jobs.
This week Randy Hultgren once again aligned himself with the far right wing of his party with his “No” vote to save highway construction jobs.

This week the U.S. House easily approved a short-term fix to the nearly depleted federal highway trust fund preventing the shutdown of road construction projects around the country and the loss of as many as 700,000 jobs.

In spite of the fact that the bill will help save the jobs of tens of thousands of Illinois workers at a time when many families are still struggling, our Representative in IL-14 was the only member of the Illinois Congressional delegation casting a ‘No’ vote.  

While the bill is imperfect, it is a rare demonstration of the true bipartisanship that most Americans hope for. I commend the 186 Democrats and 181 Republicans who had the foresight to put aside partisan differences, vote for the Bill, keep highway construction going and save jobs.

Once again we are seeing Mr. Hultgren align himself with the far right wing of his party. Sadly, this is reminiscent of last October when he cast the only Illinois vote against ending the government shutdown that cost the economy tens of billions of dollars.”

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Gerard Schilling July 19, 2014 at 08:49 AM
Remember that Randy is the only one with the guts to say no to these crooks who will steal more then they spend on highways.
JT July 19, 2014 at 09:05 AM
This gives me hope, especially after his vote on the Farm Bill.
Susan glad anderson July 19, 2014 at 09:08 AM
Mike/Gerard - are you really prepared for another recession, because that is what could come with the shock to the economy with the loss of some 700,000 construction jobs and the many more hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs that support these highway jobs. Remember that there are engineers who plan the projects, dozens of suppliers who provide the materials, truckers who move the materials and the millions of dollars lost to the communities along the way by each of these groups of people who now have much less money to spend in their communities. Plus, you have to pay the now unemployed workers unemployment insurance and perhaps other social safety net benefits! I find your thinking short sighted and if every one felt this way our road, schools and communities would be in ruins.
Sandy July 19, 2014 at 11:08 AM
And let's not forget the safety factor here. Gerald & Mike -- you know who to blame now if you blow a tire or get tossed of your motorcycle in a huge pot hole. Personally, I think Randy just wants to keep up his nearly perfect ranking with the Heritage Foundation -- probably gets more Koch money that way.
Walt Hines July 19, 2014 at 02:17 PM
Gerald, I'd like to know what has been stolen from road work?......Sandy and Susan, come on now you know they'll just outsource these jobs to China! LOL Baaahaaaaa. We'll just let the suits do their jobs. Maybe Randy will pitch in and spread the asphalt that reaches inexcess of 120 degrees on a cool day. We'll throw him out there when it's 95 and 100% humidity, he'll survive just fine! LOL Baaaahaaaaa. Hey Randy, there's 3 bridges that have been closed in Illinois because they're falling down, remember those. How about the school bus that was on one when it happened, remember that one, thought you did. I can't wait until the next big accident due to road conditions and it's all a matter of time. Hopefully it won't involve the family of some of these posters on here. These roads were not made to last forever. We live in Northern Illinois and have harsh weather. This past winter took a major hit to most of them and they're only going to get worse. We'll either spend the money now or will spend 3x's the amount later, hhmmm now there's something to ponder...... Want to stop spending and cut cost, start with the politicians pensions.... that will never happen. No I'd rather have the half ass roads that they have in the south and they have no winters to speak of....... Ladies you're spot on, it's the middle class that's keeping us a float and it's not looking good one damn bit! But hey we're saving money, Baahaaaaaaaa!


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