Longing For Something More Than a Cheese Steak

What makes Bolingbrook so appealing? The people.

“Why Bolingbrook?”

I’ve been asked that question a bazillion times in the last year. After all, we packed up and moved all the way from the Philadelphia-area, leaving behind friends, family and cheese steaks. (And let’s be clear—there is nothing around here that is even remotely similar to a good Philly cheese steak!)

There must be a great reason to move 700-plus miles. Is it the restaurants? The schools? Perhaps the shopping? The cost of living, is it cheaper? It must be that we are “winter” folk. (Definitely no on that last one.)

Then why?

Answer: the people.

As Hallmarky and Oxygen Networky as that sounds, it remains the one thing that convinced us that Bolingbrook was the place for us. For some reason, when we were doing our site visit at , we found ourselves drawn to the people here. So, we packed up all of our stuff, our four kids, jumped in the mini-van and headed to the great Midwest—all because of the people here in Bolingbrook.

This week, I was forwarded an article that spoke about some difficulties that New York City churches are having in their communities. There was one specific quote that caught my attention, because I can relate to what he is saying. The author is speaking about a prayer meeting that the local pastors had in order to brainstorm, pray and support one another. He says:

The pastors in the prayer meeting love the city, but not because they enjoy a good show, the night life, or the countless restaurants. They love the city because they've prayed for it so much that they can't get it out of their hearts. I want to love the city that way.

Since I have arrived in Bolingbrook, I have met a number of the local pastors who share this kind of love for Bolingbrook. It’s true, some churches get “off mission” and end up leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of people, but most Bolingbrook churches, including New Song, are committed to the people of Bolingbrook because they love the community and are led by pastors who can’t get Bolingbrook out of their hearts.

I want to love Bolingbrook that way.

(I also want a good cheese steak place to open up, but that’s for another time!)

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jaskie1505 December 17, 2011 at 02:54 PM
Your article is right on target when you talk about the people who live here. Most of them care about their neighbors and those less fortunate. The overall growth of the village has been phenomenal. I truly believe one of the main reasons for that growth is because others that come and study our community see the same thing you saw. Great People.
Craver-Vii December 19, 2011 at 06:48 PM
Visually, one of the things that drew me to this town is the blending of people from different ethnic backgrounds. I am reminded of this every time I come across a couple with different skin shades, or when their children look different. That is a beautiful thing. The city I came from had lots of different kinds of people, but it was not blended; it was compartmentalized into neighborhoods. We mix much better in Bolingbrook.
Heidi Haverkamp February 14, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Frank, I just read this post. It's beautiful. I'm also a pastor here and I love how you put this: "pastors who can’t get Bolingbrook out of their hearts" because we've prayed over it so very much. Thank you for writing that. I've been trying to blog about this place, too, and I'm fed by your words.


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