Principal White only mistake was expecting children to be respectful and responsible.  This is at odds with a board obsessed with race as an excuse for bad behavior.  As far as looking at for the "stakeholders" how about holding landlords of single family homes responsible for paying their fair share?  These homes used to send on average 2 o3 3 kids to school - now one single family home sends 4 to 8 kids - free lunch, waived schools fees and often receiving special ed services - the property tax this landlord pays does not compensate the real "stakeholders" of the district.  If a single family home is a rental - after the enrollment past the typical enrollment of a homeowner - the landlord should get the bill the district spends on average for each student.  Come on homeowners!  As long as Illinois chooses to fund schools through property taxes this is not unconstitutional or illegal.  We don't care who they are - just how many are enrolled.  How in the world can our schools have breakfast programs - which are only required when 40% or more kids are "low income"?  Our village officials need to get off their duffs and make Bolingbrook a middle class community again.  this is not a race issue - this is a don't get married so you can free load off the middle class issue.
Gordon Kayhart January 24, 2014 at 10:27 AM
OK, you are bouncing around a bit, but you have a great point regarding the current formula for property tax and local government funding. How about this: set a budget and tax each household in the taxing district an equal share to fund that budget 100%. No borrowing, no shortfall, can't spend more than the budget. Any surplus goes to reduce the tax burden the next year. If the public doesn't like the budget, they replace the budget setters at the next election. Oh, yes, the budget can only be set by elected officials.
Carol Stigger January 25, 2014 at 02:20 PM
i am a homeowner and have NO kids in school. I do not mind paying my fair share so village students can get a good education. I DO mind my tax money being wasted. Principal White turned a waste of my tax money on BHS into an investment in Bolingbrook students I am proud to make.
Maria January 27, 2014 at 09:43 PM
You've said a lot, but I am not sure what you real issue is. I've been in many conversations I never heard anyone say race was an issue. This is a new one. Anyone that own a property in Bolingbrook has to pay property taxes. They all receive a bill to pay taxes. So Landlords do pay their fair share. I think you may be a little confused about the issues,, or maybe you have other issues. I think if they (we all) stop focusing on the foolishness then we can do what is best for the kids. There are homes in Bolingbrook where there were 4 families living in a townhouse. I called the village they said they do not regulate how many people in a home. People can have as many people as they want in their home. I don't think this is a school district issue, maybe you should call the mayor.
tom January 27, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Maria, there was an article in the Trib in Dec about the very topic you're talking about. You need to call code enforcement and they will look into the situation. "The Bolingbrook Village Board voted unanimously at its Dec. 17 meeting to change aspects of the municipal code regarding what constitutes a sleeping area in a home and regulating whether basements can be used as bedrooms. The move came due to the village seeing multiple families living in single-family homes, Mayor Roger Claar said at the meeting. "You're going to see more of this in the coming months," he said. The change comes about due to multiple families occupying single-family homes as a result of the economy and housing bubble, Claar said. Claar said he understands "tough economies" and adults having to move back in with their parents. "But we will not tolerate somebody turning their single-family house in a single-family neighborhood into an apartment complex," he said. Claar said authorities have already caught some violators, but "we're going to go after more." The restrictions will also address the "safety and mental health" of occupants, he said. Aside from taking away from the nature of a single-family house neighborhood, Claar said such increased occupancy puts a strain on the town's refuse and other services. "If somebody tries to put eight or nine adults in a house, you're multiplying that service need three to four times," he said. "That may seem minor, but I don't want to live across the street from an apartment house. I moved into a single-family neighborhood because I wanted to be in a single-family neighborhood." Claar said the issue is "very tough to deal with." "The laws, predictably the judges, are not on our side," he said. "We cannot go into somebody's home, unless we're allowed in or have probable cause for search and seizure." "Judges don't let you do that," Claar said, "but we're tackling it." That involves watching the number of cars at a single-family house, as well as the number of people coming and going, he said. "It's going to make some people unhappy," Claar said. "So be it. And this is a start."


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