Bolingbrook Man Had Kiddie Porn Stacked to the Ceiling, Madigan Says

Aaron Riley, 55, was one of the most active child porn collectors in the state, according to Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

A Bolingbrook man is one of the most active child pornographers on the Internet, according to Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and he's now under arrest.

Bolingbrook police arrested Aaron Riley, 55, of 535 Spruce Rd., on Tuesday after police found more than 200,000 pornographic videos—all of girls 13 years of age and younger—in Riley's basement.

Madigan said the collection of videos was one of the largest in the state.

"It was my understanding that when (police) went in to Mr. Riley's home, there was a room downstairs that was floor-to-ceiling child pornography," Madigan said. "Sometimes we find more computers, but I believe that there is no home that we have gone into that has had more visible nor larger collection of child pornography at this point."

Riley will appear in a Will County court Wednesday and faces 10 counts of aggravated child pornography, a Class 2 felony punishable by three to seven years in prison.

Madigan said police tracked Riley's Internet protocol (IP) address, which had a particularly high volume of child pornography trading.

"We find some people with a few hundred images, we find some with a few thousands of images," Madigan said. "But again, and this is a bare minimum number, we found 200,000 videos of child pornography. And all of them were girls 13 and under."

Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow said police found more than 7.5 terabytes worth of child pornography memory files in Riley's basement—that equals more than 7,000 gigabytes.

To put that number into perspective, Glasgow said the files would equate to 7.5 billion front and back pages in paper form. Glasgow said when Will County police investigated the Joliet Wonderland Club for child pornography in 1997, police found 80 gigabytes.

Glasgow said Riley, if convicted, would be on the sex offender list for the rest of his life.

Madigan said to her knowledge, Riley was married with a pair of adult twin daughters.

This is the tenth arrest under a new initiative to find and arrest the worst child pornographers in the state using IP addresses, Madigan said. Since Aug. 27, more than 8,000 Illinois IP addresses have been seen trading child pornography images or videos.

The other arrests came in Lake and LaSalle county—both with two arrests— and Madison, Ogle, Randolph and Jackson counties.

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