Bolingbrook Woman Killed in Lemont Township Crash

Martha Bayer, 49, was pronounced dead after a roll-over accident on Main Street just east of Walker Road.

A Bolingbrook woman was killed in a one-car accident Saturday afternoon in unincorporated Lemont Township, police officials said.

The roll-over crash occurred around 4 p.m. on Main Street near , just east of Walker Road, a Lemont police officer confirmed.

Martha Bayer, 49, was pronounced dead at Palos Community Hospital, according to a spokesperson at the Cook County medical examiner's office.

The Lemont officer confirmed the woman was a resident of Bolingbrook.

Cook County sheriff's police are still investigating the crash, said Liane Jackson, spokesperson for the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

mamamary April 21, 2011 at 04:58 PM
she might have had a stroke or something. i was in a 15 car pile up several years ago that was started by a man who had a heart attack. we all take a risk whenever we enter a vehicle and go on the road. accidents, real accidents, do happen. i'm so sorry for your loss. we were driving around Lemont on this day and had to turn around because the road was blocked after the accident. we had been on another road but realized we were going the wrong way so doubled back to this road which was still the wrong way. if we had been there a little earlier we might have been involved. again, i'm so sorry for your loss.
nicole April 23, 2011 at 05:53 PM
I live near this intersecion and have had a few close calls there numerous times. It's very hard to see oncomming traffic & once you pull out far enough too see your car is in 50 + mph traffic. Since the area is unincorporated they've yet to resolve the issue. Condolences sent to the family
Eva April 24, 2011 at 10:09 AM
I will miss you mom so much.. I didnt get to say goodbye. I know things happen for a reason and someday we will be together...RIP MOM
Patrick Connelly April 27, 2011 at 10:51 PM
I was the first car she came at. She seemed to intentionally try to crash. I was driving my uncle from the Fransiscan Village to lunch at Nicks Pub when she was leaving downtown Lemont. She had her hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and was jerking her hands left and right for a mile. Really almost trying to spin out. The back of the car was slipping out with each jerk. She was going about 80 miles at that point in downtown which is a 30mph. When she got close to me , she came at me to head on and I veared off into the stone side and avoided the accident. I turned around to catch up to her and have a word with her, but she was gone. I did show up to the scene seconds after her tragic accident. I am grateful she didnt hurt anybody else. I am sorry for your loss and am still shook up about it.
Janine Farrell June 27, 2012 at 07:12 AM
JBF I also live in the area and travel to work on Main St to Archer. 45 mph is a good speed, but 55+ as many trailer trucks/hot tar vehicles/smaller trucks, can't seem to stay on their side of the yellow line. Too often as a trailer truck was heading in my direction, they went over the yellow line and I had NO WHERE to go, but straight to heaven. They corrected their cab, but my insides shake all morning. It can however be a most beautiful drive in any season, especially fall & winter. Sad that such a tragic thing could happen on a beautiful highway. My heart goes out to the family of the young woman who died the way she did.


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