Brother of Romeoville Man Charged With Killing Child in Drunken Crash: 'Keep the Family in Your Prayers'

The Romeoville man's father said his son served in Afghanistan and came home with psychological troubles.

Shannard Dyer's father (blue sweat shirt) and brother Sheldon Dyer (wearing sunglasses) leave his bond hearing in Will County court Tuesday afternoon. Credit: Joseph Hosey
Shannard Dyer's father (blue sweat shirt) and brother Sheldon Dyer (wearing sunglasses) leave his bond hearing in Will County court Tuesday afternoon. Credit: Joseph Hosey
The Romeoville man charged with killing his son in a drunken crash is a psychologically troubled veteran of the War in Afghanistan, his own father said.

The father of 29-year-old Shannard Dyer declined to give his name after his son appeared in Will County bond court Tuesday afternoon. Judge Roger Rickmon ordered Dyer returned to jail where he is being held in lieu of $750,000 bond.

Dyer's brother, Sheldon Dyer, asked Judge Rickmon to lower the bond since Shannard Dyer "has kids who are in the hospital at this point and one unfortunately has passed."

"He's not a flight risk or anything," Sheldon Dyer said.

The judge pointed out he cannot lower the bond without Shannard Dyer's attorney requesting he do so. And since the Dyer family declined to be represented by the public defender and did not have a lawyer at the hearing, there was no one to make that request Tuesday.

Sheldon Dyer also complained to the judge that no one from his family has been able to see or speak to his brother since the deadly Sunday morning crash on Interstate 55. Rickmon told him he has no control over jailhouse visitation policy.

Shannard Dyer was booked into the county jail upon his release from Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital Monday. He faces six counts of aggravated driving under the influence in connection with the crash that claimed the life of one of his children and critically injured two others.

Shannard Dyer drove his 2012 Dodge Journey into the median south of Interstate 355 in Bolingbrook and rolled the SUV. The three of his five children riding with him in the Journey were ejected from the vehicle. Four-year-old Taylor Dyer was killed. The other two children, ages 2 and 7, were first taken to Good Samaritan and then transported to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.

The two children were reportedly in critical condition when they arrived at the hospital but Shannard Dyer's father said they were in serious condition Tuesday afternoon.

After leaving the courthouse, Sheldon Dyer called for reporters to prayer for his family.

"Keep the family in your prayers," he said. "Please just respect the family and keep the family in your prayers."

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Lucy May 06, 2014 at 09:35 PM
What does having psychological troubles have to do with drinking and driving with your unrestrained children in the car? I think this is a sympathy ploy. If he has psychological problems, why is he out alone with his small children? Why is he drinking alcohol when he is supposed to be in charge of children? It's hard to find sympathy when this man chose to drink and drive. He also failed to put his children in the proper restraints. When will people learn? Or care? Curious to where he was coming from. Did people know he was driving after drinking?
K Smith May 08, 2014 at 09:34 AM
I agree Lucy - if he has these issues, 1. why is he behind the wheel and 2. Drinking? It doesn't make ANY sense at all. I have no sympathy for him. Hope they put him under the jail. Poor babies, I hope and pray the other two survive and rest in heaven little sweet baby! :(
Pamela Pitts Ostapkowicz May 08, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Because our government isn't properly addressing the psychological needs of our veterans... I have never seen so many complaints about the care of those who have served our country. The complaints are all over the news, and things are not getting better! I am only responding to the fact that people are questioning the validity of his psychological troubles. What has happened is a tragedy! I am definitely praying for their WHOLE family! I am a veteran myself, and it breaks my heart to hear about all of these stories involving our veterans! It is not an excuse but a problem that needs to be addressed and documented!


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