Car Accident Leaves Two People Tar-Soaked and Closes Intersection

A car accident at the intersection of Boughton and Kings roads gushed dozens of gallons of tar onto the road and sent three to the hospital Thursday.

Three people were taken to the hospital after a car accident leaked dozens of gallons of tar onto the road and closed down a Bolingbrook intersection for nearly an hour Thursday.

The two-car accident—one a limousine service car and the other a landscaping truck—forced village officials to close the intersection of Boughton and Kings roads shortly before 2 p.m.

The accident left the landscaping truck, which was carrying a large tank of tar—the type of tar one would use to seal a driveway—on its side, gushing tar onto the road.

Five passengers were involved in the accident and three were taken to the hospital—one for bodily injuries and two because they were drenched in tar.

Bolingbrook firefighter Chris Brophy said the two drivers inside the landscaping truck were covered in tar and taken to the hospital to be decontaminated.

The limousine was rendered nearly unidentifiable from the front, with its hood smashed into the windshield. The landscaping truck, meanwhile, was covered in tar.

Bolingbrook Public Works crews were already working to clear the tar by applying sand, but the westbound lanes of Boughton Road were shut down indefinitely.

Names of the people involved were not yet released by officials and injuries were not disclosed.

Donna KPG November 07, 2010 at 11:04 PM
I was sitting in the CVS parking lot in my van with the windows down when I heard this happen. There weren't any brakes squealing, I just heard that distinctive sound of the vehicles hitting. I turned off the engine and ran toward the intersection with my cell phone, dialing 911 as I ran. The limo driver was just opening his door and the pickup was on its side with the limo's front end smashed against the under carriage of the pickup. From my vantage point, I could not see that the guys from the truck had gotten out and my heart just dropped when I saw the vehicles positioned the way they ended. Hard to believe that everyone survived this accident. I think about it every time I pass through that intersection now, which thankfully is on the opposite side of town from me so I only pass through there when I head to Naperville.


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