Drew Peterson Jurors Speak Out Following Guilty Verdict

Jurors address the matching outfits, the role hearsay testimony played and how they reached a unanimous decision.

Jurors in the Drew Peterson murder trial held a press conference Friday to answer some of the most burning questions from the trial. Four jurors were present for the conference, according to the Chicago Tribune


Jurors held the press conference to get news crews off their lawns, according to the release. 

"One condition for this press conference is that all media outlets agree to have their reporters and camera crews respect their privacy at their residences immediately. Please contact your field crews to remove themselves immediately and respect their privacy."

How did the jury vote during deliberations? 

The jury held three votes during deliberations Wednesday. In the first vote, seven voted guilty, four voted innocent and one voted unsure. By the end of Wednesday, the jury voted 11-1 guilty. 

The lone juror who did not vote guilty said hearsay evidence from Rev. Neil Schori and attorney Harry Smith convinced him to vote guilty, according to ABC Chicago

How big of a role did the hearsay testimony play? 

The jurors believed the witnesses who spoke to Stacy Peterson, according to the Tribune, and that testimony was "critical," jurors said. 

"We believed Stacy," said Eduardo Saldana, foreman of the jury, in the Trib.

Testimony from Stacy Peterson's divorce attorney, Harry Smith, was most powerful, Saldana said. Rev. Neil Schori, who said Stacy told him of Drew's actions the night of Kathleen Savio's death, was also very important. 

"He said they possibly would have acquitted Drew Peterson without the hearsay testimony," the Trib reported

What led to the matching clothes? 

The jury was bored, they said. They got permission from the judge to wear sports jerseys, according to the Tribune

What testimony was critical to the conviction? 

The fact that Drew Peterson cleaned the bathtub was telling, jurors said. Also, they believed there were too many bruises on Kathleen Savio's body to be accidental, according to the Tribune.

Was there added pressure? 

Jurors said there was not added pressure considering the high-profile nature of the case. They also had discussions, but those did not become heated, according to the Tribune.  

TOMBOB September 08, 2012 at 01:52 AM
You are sooooo funny.....why are you so upset? Do you go to anger management classes? If not I encourage you to look into it. regardless you are so comical and quite ridiculously weird.
John Morei September 08, 2012 at 02:05 AM
I encourage you to stop breast feeding from your mother , what are you 40 years old?
Friendly One September 08, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Great job, jurors! The evidence was there and you did the right thing. This man should not walk free as two of his wives are gone and if Stacy's pastor had gone for the plane ride with Drew when he asked him to, he'd probably be missing, too. I still say that an ex-husband would not normally call a locksmith to enter an ex-wife's home. That is unusual for sure and would raise the first doubt. You'd call her family members first and ask them to get into the house if they felt something was amiss, especially since Drew's and Kathleen's relationship was so volatile.
Mark September 08, 2012 at 12:15 PM
EXACTLY......first piece of evidence......where is a towel by a bathtub that someone is about to take a bath in.......third..Kathleens note to the DA in 2002 is KEY.... and when the "neighbor" who walked into house with Drew and Drew directed him you go upstairs Ill check down here....Come on...does it get anymore obvious?? Heresay? I think NOT Poor Drewfus not as smart of a detective as he thought.
Kristie September 08, 2012 at 01:13 PM
A cop with as much training as Drew is said to have had would have called for backup or at least had his weapon out when he entered the house after he heard the screams. The only logical reason that he didn't do either of these things is because he KNEW what the screams were about. He KNEW that there wasn't any threat because the only person in the house was Kathleen's lifeless body in the tub.


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