Frankfort Doc Accused of Groping Women Faces New Lawsuit

A Frankfort pediatrician accused by five women of sexually abusing them in his office has been sued by a sixth woman making startlingly similar claims.

A Frankfort pediatrician acquitted of charges he groped a Joliet woman in his office more than 10 years ago has been smacked with a lawsuit alleging he pulled the same stunt on another woman in 2011.

The lawsuit claims Dr. Kishor Jain touched the mother of one of his patients "in a sexual fashion" and caused the woman "shock and horror."

The woman had taken her child to Jain's office in the Hedges Clinic in August 2011 when he suddenly "grabbed (her) breasts with both of his hands while she was talking to him about her child."

Jain said he remembers the woman, identified in the lawsuit as Jessica Schubbe, 29, of Manteno, but denies ever molesting her.

"The accusation is completely false," Jain said. "The person has other problems and she's using this as an excuse. It's very sad it's come to this, but it's absolutely untrue."

Jain also said it was untrue when a then 21-year-old Joliet woman told the Frankfort police that Jain groped her breasts and rubbed her thighs and between her legs in December 2001. He also allegedly tried to unzip her pants.

The woman had been a patient of Jain's when she was a girl, police said.

The woman, Brenda Doyle, had taken her 9-month-old son to Jain for a checkup, but the doctor quickly turned the conversation to the woman's sex life, how often she has sex, whether she enjoys it and if she watches "dirty movies," according to a police report.

Jain later explained to a Frankfort detective that Doyle started the sex talk when she told him she "does not feel any sensation in her breasts," a police report said.

The report went on to say Jain told the detective that Doyle informed him "she is not currently on any contraceptive and has not been sexually active for several months. She had a lack of interest and satisfaction with it and it didn't stimulate her."

And that was supposedly why Jain examined her breasts, back and abdomen. In the report, Jain said Doyle "did not display any discomfort" and that the "examination was very brief and was intended to help Brenda with her problem."

Jain was arrested in January 2002 on misdemeanor battery charges stemming from his alleged assault on Doyle. The case was handed off to the Illinois Attorney General's Office after it was determined a staffer in the Will County State's Attorney's office had a relative who had been treated by a physician at the Hedges Clinic.

Jain was found not guilty. The case was later expunged.

After Jain's arrest, another Joliet woman contacted the Frankfort police and told them a nearly identical story. The woman, Adrianna Pena, then 23, told police she had taken her son to Dr. Jain for a checkup in 1999.

When the checkup was finished, Jain told Pena to get on a scale so he could check her weight, according to a police report.

"After I weighed myself I got off the scale and he touched my chest and my behind and after that I moved right away," Pena told police.

Pena said her mother called the clinic to complain. A nurse said she would call her back but never did. Pena then went to a Joliet lawyer about suing Jain. The lawyer "told Pena that a civil suit was not his area of specialty and if he referred the case to someone it would end up being the doctor's word against hers," a police report said.

"Pena was still very upset at what had happened to her but was concerned that nobody would believe her so she did not pursue the matter," the report said.

Seven years before that, an Orland Hills woman told the Frankfort police Jain quizzed her on her sex life, fondled her genitals and penetrated her with his finger. He also fondled her breasts, the woman said.

The Orland Hills woman, Sharri Szelag, was 23 at the time. She went to Jain to be treated for abdominal pain and bloating.

In 2002, two more women, Robin Mendoza and Kerry Tadej, sued Jain. Mendoza and Tadej claimed Jain "fondled  and touched (their) breasts and vagina."

The lawsuit says Mendoza took her son to see Jain in January 2001 and that Tadej was treated by the doctor in October 2001. Records show the case was settled out of court in May 2007.

Jain was sued two other times, in 1982 and 1990, but the court files are not available in the circuit clerk's office and the nature of the suits was not known.

The state's attorney's office passed yet another criminal investigation of Jain off to a special prosecutor in 2011. Once again, the special prosecutor was brought in after it was determined a staffer at the state's attorney's office patronized the Hedges Clinic.

The special prosecutor's office identified the investigation as a criminal sexual abuse case.

Frankfort Deputy Police Chief Kevin Keegan said his department took a report about an alleged instance of criminal sexual abuse on Aug. 19, 2011—one day after Schubbe claimed Jain molested her—and that the matter was investigated.

Keegan says the case remains open and that his detectives are still waiting to hear back from the special prosecutor.

"The ball's in their court," Keegan said.

Staff at the Special Prosecution Unit of the Illinois State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor's office said special prosecutor Charles Colburn was handling the case and that a request for comment would be forwarded to him. Colburn has yet to respond.

According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Jain has not been disciplined at all in the last five years.

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IRFinne April 24, 2013 at 12:29 PM
I'm not worried because the truth shall set you free. He was found not guilty before and he will be found not guilty again. He doesn't need to testify on his own behalf, considering this is all about getting paid and his hard earned money just giving away to women making accusations that he touched them in appropriately! This was the case 10 years ago and now. If these women were traumatized by him, they would've come forward sooner like when it happened by telling the clinic administrator. I don't mean to sound heartless toward the alleged victims, but its rare you find a dr. as wonderful dr. Jain. As soon as he pays these so called victims off he will be back in business. He had over 100 letters written on his behalf that a lot of his clients are on his side! What does this say? He's in court today and tomorrow, so we shall see! GO DR. JAIN!! We all got your back!!
FRICKY April 24, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Gramma April 27, 2013 at 04:12 AM
So what happened in court?
IRFinne April 29, 2013 at 12:29 PM
It was hearing on his Motions. TBC...


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