Sister: Drew Was Going to Kill Wife and Make it Look Like an Accident

Kathleen Savio knew her days were numbered, her sister said Friday.

repeatedly predicted would kill her and make it look like she died in an accident, her sister testified Friday.

Doman also recalled how the law ignored her family after Savio actually did die in what appeared to be an accident.

"No one would listen," she said.

"I tried to call (the state police) and no one would listen," Doman said, "All they would say is, 'It's under investigation.'"

While testifying, Doman drew the ire of , who he believed was mocking him.

Burmila responded several times to objections over testimony about Savio's death certificate by saying, "The document speaks for itself."

The courtroom—including defense attorney —erupted
with laughter after Doman answered a question about the death certificate by parroting Burmila's words.

"I'm glad eveyone thinks that's funny," Burmila sneered before turning on Doman and saying, "Ma'am, do not mock the court again or try to in the future."

Soon after that episode, the incessant coughing of a sick juror prompted Burmila to call it quits for the day. He said he didn't want the other jurors to get infected with whatever the ill one had.

Before the early end of Friday's session, Doman spoke of her family gathering in Savio's house the day after she was found drowned in her dry bathtub in March 2004.

While they were in the house, Peterson showed up outside, pounding on the front door and shouting for them to open up.

Doman said she didn't want to let Peterson in, but her uncle opened the door for him.

Peterson then grabbed a laundry basket and said he needed to get clothes and other things for his two sons, Doman said.

Peterson went to the bedrooms of his sons, but also into Savio's bedroom and the bathroom where her body was found.

"He was frantic, quite frantic, like in a hurry," Doman said, telling how she followed him into the bathroom.

"He was leaning over the bathtub, rubbing it," she said. "You could see he was rubbing and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was cleaning. He didn't want the kids to see the blood.

"It didn't make sense to me," Doman said. "Why was their blood in the tub if she drowned?"

Doman also said that shortly before her sister died, Savio let her know she stashed a secret suitcase in the back of her SUV. She said Savio instructed her to immediately get it if anything happened to her.

Doman did grab the briefcase the day after Savio's body was found. But instead of doing anything with it, she stored it in her garage and did not even check out its contents for an undetermined amount of time, possibly years.

Defense attorney Joseph "Shark" Lopez also revealed during cross examination that, before turning the briefcase and its contents over to the police, Doman provided copies of the paperwork inside to a producer from Greta Van Susteren's talk show. Doman gave the papers to the producer shortly after Peterson's next wife, , vanished in October 2007.

Lopez also questioned Doman about her relationship with Savio's two sons, Kristopher and Thomas. Along with getting the briefcase, Doman said the other most important thing Savio wanted her to do if she died was to take care of her sons.

Lopez got her to admit she never again saw either boy after her sister's funeral. She also never sent either nephew a birthday or Christmas card.

After the hearing, Pam Bosco expressed her frustration with Burmila's decision to keep out so much evidence during the trial's first week. She said prosecutors "are doing what they're capable of with their hands tied behind their backs. They're walking on glass."

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Francis M. Regan August 03, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Joe lets see how many others here use fake names. If she were family of Kathys family God bless her for being on the news, but this has nothing to do with her. Let Kathy's family handle it .
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Pam did an excellent job today, as usual. This case was revived because Stacy suddenly turned up missing. It's wonderful to see how these two families have bonded. They have total respect and support for each other.
Robert August 04, 2012 at 04:02 AM
All of these people are totally disfuntional. Drew Peterson likes younger woman....and apparently gets tired of them rather quickly. Not illegal as far as I know Stacey Peterson fools around with a married man...Drew Peterson.. and has a baby out of wedlock....then rollerskates past the Kathleen Savio's house flipping her the bird. Sounds like a very mature and responsible person. Stacey Petersons mother dissappears.....never to be heard from again....just like Stacy. Where was the search for the mother by the way? Kathleen Savio...the bitter ex -wife....seems to have told everyone that Drew was going to kill her.....everyone except the States Attorney....who could have done something. Drew Peterson was so dangerous that the court had no problem having visitation rights to his kids.....Mmmmmm? And allowing him to drop them off at Kathleen Savio's.....Mmmmm? Now everyone sees a couple of houses and huge bank accounts up for grabs....so let the storytelling and civil lawsuits begin. Is Drew guilty?....who knows anymore....we certainly are not going to learn anything from Will County Court.
Robert August 04, 2012 at 04:16 AM
Bottom line to my previous comment....lets not pretend Stacy and Kathleen are saints and that these families are the all American wholesome families they paint themselves to be. Yes, Drew Peterson has issues. But the others do as well. Its a mess. Hopefully time will sort it out.....but I doubt the Will County Courthouse will provide any answers to this. A clear objective mind must look at everything in totality and see the history and motivations of all involved. Its not pretty. But the media needs a story....and that story must have a "victim" and a "villain". Its easier to sell it to the people that way....clean and crisp. However....it's not!
Robert August 04, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Anna Doman said, "I tried to call (the state police) and no one would listen," Doman said, "All they would say is, 'It's under investigation.'" If she was in danger then: Why did Kathleen Savio keep living only 2 blocks from Drew Peterson? Why did Anna Doman not insist Kathleen come live with her so she would not be alone and would be safe? Why were there no statements from Kathleen Savio's boyfriend about Drew? I would think she would tell the person she was romantically involved with. Where was the restraining order preventing Drew from coming on the property alone? Yikes.....more holes in this story I can't figure out.
Francis M. Regan August 04, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Did the ex-boyfriend or Stacy have any involvement?
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Robert- I guess you would need to walk in the shoes of these individuals to fully understand the actions at the time. -Kathleen had wonderful neighbors, who were looking out for her. Additional locks were placed on the doors, including her bedroom doors. Anna did spend the night at Kathleens, many times. Kathleen was a student and needed to study that night, while she had the opportunity. -There are statements from Kathleen's boyfriend. Whether they will ever make it into the court is another matter. -Kathleen was planning on selling the home and relocating with the kids away from Drew. Due to Stacy's pregnancy and the need for Stacy and the baby to be placed on Drew's insurance, Kathleen agreed to a bifurcated divorce. Division of marital property and assets, pensions, maintenance, finalized child support, etc. were to be divided by the court in the upcoming weeks, but she turned up dead in a dry bathtub.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Robert- You bring up another great point about restraining orders. Drew Peterson was a police officer. If he were charged with abusing his wife, Drew would have possibly lost his job. Drew, himself, reiterated this on numerous interviews with the media. He also used this as a manipulation device against Kathleen. Even though she wanted far away from him, what would happen to her ability to raise the boys as a single parent if Drew had no income? There would be no health or dental insurance for two young boys; no child support; marital assests would plummet, etc. What would you REALLY do, as a woman? Most women would attempt to get through the divorce and move away from the neighborhood and patrol area where the spouse worked. How sad, Kathleen was not able to do so.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Robert- Have you watched any of the video clips of the two families? Pam Bosco, Cassandra Cales, Anna Doman? All have a mature understanding of the situation. Stacy Peterson was 17 years old. She was a teenager, who should have been hanging out with friends after high school football games. She was allegedly 16 when Drew first zoomed in on her at her place of employment. Drew Peterson was predator. IMO Stacy's actions remind me of a teenager. She was! How convenient for Drew Peterson to encourage a teenage girl to taunt his ex-wife. How do you expect Kathleen to react?
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Francis- you make a good point. Stacy had information about Drew's crime, so technically she was involved and attempting to get that dark secret out. No wonder she also feared for her life and found herself in Kathleen's situation. So, what happen to Stacy, Francis? Shouldn't we be asking this question in court? Shouldn't jurors be hearing the question? Shouldn't Drew Peterson finally be held accountable? You can post whqtever you want to create controversy in a comment section, but you don't believe Stacy is alive either. You've said so on other forums.
Francis M. Regan August 04, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Stacy could have committed the crime, so they say it is? Stacy's disappearance or other issues about her will not be allowed !
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 05:21 PM
Stacy was pregnant with Lacy and very small framed. Oh yeah, no problem there breaking into the home and hoisting a body in the bathtub. I'm sure Drew had been giving her marshal arts lessons on the side in addition to lock picking strategies. That's why Drew refused to let her talk to anyone regarding Kathleen's death without him being present. Now I get it! So it makes total since why Stacy needed to serve as Drew's alibi that night.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Stacy's disappearance was addressed at the beginning of the trial. The trial isn't over yet. I'm betting some things come forward.
Francis M. Regan August 04, 2012 at 05:30 PM
They stated she disappeared , but not how or why and can't say she's presumed dead or anything to that nature!
Francis M. Regan August 04, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Did Stacy have means, motive and opportunity?
Watchful Eye August 04, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Okay now Frankie, we're getting somewhere. You obviously agree with the prosecution that KS was murdered, and didn't have an accident. Otherwise, you wouldn't be commenting here about other potential murderers, i.e., Steve, her boyfriend, and/or Stacy, Drew's wife. You just said "Stacy could have committed the crime...." What crime, Frankie? There is no crime, remember? She slipped and fell in the bathtub. Did you lose your secret decoder card again? You're veering off the path there, Frankie. You should not be drooling over the idea of implicating others in a death that was a slip and fall. Aww, that's okay, Frankie. You are entertaining. Pathetic, but entertaining. Geesh, dude, get ahold of yourself, would ya? We better not see you here when the experts start testifying about the science of slips and falls, because we already heard from you about who else could have murdered Kathleen. You lose, Frankie. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
screen_name August 04, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Francis is a retired police officer and once worked with Drew Peterson at BPD. I think Francis believes Kathleen Savio was murdered. I would bet that he also believes Stacy Peterson is no longer alive. I'm sure that he believes Drew Peterson killed Kathleen and Stacy but you will never get him to admit it. Most of the things he types on these threads is for nothing more than to get a rise out of certain people because he knows they are very passionate about their beliefs and these two cases. If you let Francis yank your chain, he will continue to do so. I have seen Francis bring up a few valid points (just recently) but for anyone that has followed the two cases, them points get tossed out the window once common sense and pure facts kick in. James Glasgow isn't going to let Drew Peterson walk away. He will do what needs to be done to make sure that Drew Peterson secures a place to stay at one of the many prisons we have in IL.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 07:39 PM
LMAO. FR: Not a retired police officer. Never worked with DP. Enough, please.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 07:53 PM
Means: No Opportunity: pregnant, 2 year old, recovering from wisdom teeth extraction... Nope Motive: Young girl, new large house, new baby on the way, had her health insurance & dental insurance, could stay home with the kids and work part-time on the side if Drew allowed it. No motive.
screen_name August 04, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Zoey, I never come to any of these story's to cause chaos, if you read any of my posts you will see that. I am all for Drew Peterson going to prison. It's my belief that he killed Kathleen and Stacy. I also think that Drew Peterson has done a lot of other dirty stuff during his time as a trusted police officer. You can believe what you want and that is your right but Francis is a retired police officer and he did in fact work for BPD while Drew Peterson worked there. I wish I could say who he is but I will NOT do that. If he wanted everyone to know who he really is then he would have used his real name and let it be known when posting a comment. Why is it so hard to believe Francis was a police officer and is now retired? I"m not sticking up for Francis and my previous posts show that as well. Who would have ever guessed the lunatic Drew Peterson was one and how many would have guessed he was killer. I'm just saying!
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Perhaps Francis is not who you think. I'll leave it at that. I won't give out HER name either. Let's keep the intelligent theories and questions flowing.
screen_name August 04, 2012 at 09:20 PM
Francis isn't a she. Francis = male retired police officer. It's not important to me either way. I just see how he tries to yank some chains around here and a few feed into it.. It looks like the prosecution is starting to lay the foundation for their murder case against Peterson. Great slip up by Lopez yesterday, he and the other lawyers wont admit it was a mistake but it was. I'm glad the jury has 3 1/2 days to think about Anna Doman saying that Kathleen kept telling her that Drew Peterson was going to kill her and make it look like an accident. Way to go Slow Pez
Watchful Eye August 04, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Yank chains? He's down right mean and acts like a bully. He repeats himself over and over, and he insults people day in and day out. We know he's a retired police officer. Okay, if he wants to defend his former colleague, that's okay too. Quite honestly, I am SURE there are other police-related individuals who read here. IMO, if he's an example of what patrolled the streets of Bolingbrook, i.e., irrational, one-sided, antagonistic, bullying, it would be no wonder some residents are disgusted with that era of the force! Thank goodness for retirement. Now, if the guy wants to get his valid point across without slapping everyone around verbally, take it Frankie.
Zoey August 04, 2012 at 10:03 PM
"Slow Pez" Good one!
Francis M. Regan August 05, 2012 at 01:32 AM
By the way screen_name did you see the video on you tube about J.W. What a racist and cost his town 1.5 million in law suits. That's what I call a nice guy like you said he was. He was trash .
Francis M. Regan August 05, 2012 at 01:54 AM
screen_name says he worked for BPD. I guarantee the ones he knew were no angels just like one of the ex-chiefs. Care for me to give some instances. Was T.D. one of your bud's ?You keep on saying bullying ! Plus it's none of your business what I say and nothing you can do about it, but just whine. Grow up already. Screen_name acts like he has a special interest in this case. I bet you and Drew didnt get along either. Maybe he should have cleaned your clock before you left BPD, which he would have had no problem doing.
Lorie Taylor August 05, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Wow and these are the SUPPOSED men who were supposed to be protecting us citizens! I hope your all real proud of yourselves standing behind your buddy allowing him to get away with all this stuff. You guys could of stopped a lot of this along time ago but you allowed him to carry on for as long as he did, and look what happened! He isn't the only one on the force that was running around chasing young girls around town. YOU know who you are, and so do I ! There was a few of you on the force doing things you shouldn't of been doing! You need to clear your conscious, and do what's right and speak up and stop protecting your buddy. Everything always comes out in the wash, and maybe next time someone might just speaking out about what you guys did!
Francis M. Regan August 05, 2012 at 01:57 PM
@Lori Taylor . Officers never protected Drew, they filed reports and then it was up to the BPD brass or the States Attorney to doing anything further aginst Drew. Are you saying Officers knew what Drew supposedly did to Kathy in the tub?
Lorie Taylor August 05, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Francis, I have no knowledge of any of them knowing about Kathleen in the tub. If I did, they would be on the stand along with him! I have my suspicions about a few of them knowing more than they are admitting. A WILL comes to mind! I was talking about all of them chasing young girls around, and some of the things they were doing back in the day right along with him. I am not going to mention any names. They know who they are, and so do we! Francis, I will say somebody was obviously watching his back, and helping him along because he got away with a lot of stuff and never lost his job. Even when he got fired they allowed him right back on the force. I just can't comprehend all those letters, and police calls and nobody did anything to help Kathleen out! Why is that? Why was he allowed to torment, and threaten her? Go into her home, among other things and they did nothing! If that isn't protecting, and turning their heads another way I don't know what is! If there was reports against him, why was nothing done? Who didn't do their job, or disregarded the reports filed?
Francis M. Regan August 06, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Lori you have to ask one of the ex-Chiefs and the SAO as to why nothing was done.


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