Two Women Arrested Following Bolingbrook Heroin Sting: Police

Minooka's Bonnie L. Larson and Joliet's Zoe Siron were charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance—heroin—according to police reports.

Bonnie L. Larson, 43, Minooka. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Office
Bonnie L. Larson, 43, Minooka. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Office
A 43-year-old Minooka woman was arrested by Bolingbrook police on Thursday night after she sold heroin to an undercover agent conducting a sting operation, according to John Arizzi, deputy director of the Will County Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad.

Bonnie L. Larson, 43, of 63 Oak St., Minooka, was arrested byBolingbrook police in the area of Route 53 and Remington Road and charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance—heroin—a felony. Her arrest came as the culimination of a two-month investigation that started when a citizen complaint was filed against her, Arizzi said.

"A person called the Will County Sheriff's office," Arizzi said. "They forwarded the information to us, and one of our agents began building a case."

He said officers with the Will County MANS unit have tracked Larson's every move and have connected her with a suspected drug network in Chicago.

"We identified her as a known heroin dealer in the Joliet area and we were able to conduct several narcotics buys with her through our undercover agents," Arizzi said.

Also arrested on Thursday was Zoe Siron, 21, of Joliet, who was riding in the same vehicle with Larson—a 2013 Cadillac SUV—and connected to the drug dealing case, Arizzi said.

He said Siron was charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance—herion. Both women were transported to the Will County Adult Detention Facility and were awaiting a preliminary court appearance on Friday afternoon.

Arizzi said Larson was found to be delivering heroin in two different ways—cut heroin, which is ready for immediate use, and raw heroin, which has yet to be cut.

"So, she's been fairly active—she goes into the city of Chicago and brings the drugs back to the Joliet, Bolingbrook and the Will County area," Arizzi said. "We were able to interact with her in several spots in the Will County area and able to build a strong case against her."

Arizzi said officers with the Will County MANS unit seized the2013 Cadillac SUV and several grams of raw heroin from Larson and Siron on Thursday night. He added the investigation into the case against the two women is ongoing and he said the hope is it will lead to more arrests.
Ken Leibach June 15, 2013 at 08:22 AM
The Bolingbrook Police are doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. I think I can speak for the citizens that we appreciate all that you do to keep us safe and crime free.
SLAG June 15, 2013 at 09:55 AM
I concur w/the aforementioned comment. The police can't let their guards down though because I know there are even more "dealings" going on in Bolingbrook.
Can't we all just get along June 15, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Thanks BPD keep that trash out of our community.
Buford T. Justice June 16, 2013 at 08:43 AM
They are human debris, and they look so sad in the mugshots. Enjoy cell block H ladies. lol
Ron Wright June 20, 2013 at 11:25 AM
Good to get these off the streets....but, how sweet it would be if our government would wipe out the drug cartels....get to the heart of the problem.


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