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21 Highest Paid Village of Bolingbrook Employees

Salary and benefits information for village of Bolingbrook employees in 2012.

Below are the 21 highest paid village of Bolingbrook employees, excluding police and fire employees (those will be posted in a separate article). 

Editor's note: We post this information because we know it is of interest to our readers, the taxpayers, whose property taxes are a source of income for the village. 

The "Other" category can include contributions such as overtime, pension contributions, bereavement and company car and cell phones, among others. 

About 8 pecent of a Bolingbrook property tax bill goes to the village. The total village levy in 2012 was $16,346,000, according to village documents. 


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    Name Position Base Salary



    Other Total Michael Drey Director of Public Works $123,763.42 $24,832.80 $16,856.51 $165,452.73 Roger Claar Mayor $113,459.92 $14,415.20 $17,755.10 $145,630.22 Dennis Kowalczyk Community Development Director $89,645.65 $22,594.90 $14,911.30 $127,151.85 Thomas Pawlowicz Assistant to the Director of Public Works -- Engineering $97,320.19 $16,690.00 $1,234.86 $115,245.05 Jose Torres Director of Operations, Public Works $95,240.99 $15,717.40 $3,544.72 $114,503.11 James Frasco Foreman Electrical, Public Works $73,602.91 $14,130.60 $22,948.83 $110,682.34 Wade Jacobi Assistant to the Director of Public Works -- Utilities $87,477.09 $19,670.90 $2,010.34 $109,158.33 Brenda Ladipo Human Resources Information Technology Director $78,023.45 $17,753.30 $12,894.08 $108,670.83 Kenneth Enda Foreman Building/Grounds, Public Works $72,400.42 $14,030.70 $20,535.20 $106,966.32 Cruz Herrera Foreman Storm Water/Maintenance, Public Works Wastewater $76,496.54 $12,479.90 $16,530.87 $105,507.31 Daniel Buonamici Building Commissioner, Community Development $87,805.21 $14,415 $1,278.49 $103,498.50 Rosa Cojulun Finance Director $80,133.71 $10,403.80 $11,975.58 $102,513.09 Stephen Miller Foreman Forestry, Public Works $76,873.53 $12,271.20 $11,637.27 $100,782.00 Brian McClure Foreman Fleet, Public Works $74,907.31 $11,767.50 $14,034.29 $100,709.10 Pratik Patel Engineer, Public Works $85,069.82 $11,940.10 $3,311.07 $100,320.99 Michael Gregory Foreman Water Reclamation, Public Works Wastewater $73,019.95 $14,953.70 $12,326.08 $100,299.73 Steven Mataya Foreman Asphalt, Public Works $74,068.21 $13,980.90 $11,133.67 $99,182.78 Anthony Pericone Facilities Superintendent, Public Works $82,734.78 $13,627.90 $2,032.54 $98,395.22 Jose Figueroa Foreman Storm Water Npdes, Public Works Wastewater $75,431.34 $13,153 $8,667.04 $97,251.78 Lucas Rickelman Superintendent of Streets, Public Works $83,949.49 $10,006.70 $1,251.78 $95,207.97 Dale McClannahan Facilities Coordinator, Executive Department $76,019.65 $4,961.00 $2,205.50 $83,186.15


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    Jane Orend January 30, 2013 at 01:59 AM
    Not all of the people on that list are elected, some have to negotiate a new union contract every so many years. Also not all of them are lifers some actually worked up to where they are. You get what you pay for and until you really know what their jobs entail I know, not think, that it's not safe to assume. Oh and by the way a pheasant is a wild game bird.
    Hairy Callahan January 31, 2013 at 03:19 AM
    Keep in mind some of the employees in public works are engineers, electricians, other journeymen.
    Maori Tuakana February 03, 2013 at 01:32 PM
    @Laura V. Not judging his abilities, I'm sure that after 30 years he's just kicking back & overseeing a lot of what he has done. For that I congratulate him. 30 years is a long time, I just feel that by offering a nice retirement package, & putting in some fresh blood, the village may be able to save some money. There are a whole bunch of these old boys out there. Just in case one may think that my opinion may not matter, I am a 36 year resident of Bolingbrook. I've seen the changes, some I like & some disappoint. We need some changes.
    jermaine February 03, 2013 at 05:04 PM
    Its nice the way Laura threw fire and police into that mix. We all know police and fire don't deserve it I mean after all saving a heart attack victim are coming to the aid of a child who just got hit by a car doesn't deserve a good pay....lets see how many Laura's respond to Beaconridge the next time someone is over there shooting..
    Buford Pusser February 03, 2013 at 10:04 PM
    Locke no one went to jail/prison on the scandal which did not involve any code enforcement!


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