Kalnicky Meets With Local Business Owners, Unveils Plan for Growth

Kalnicky, candidate for the 98th State Representative District, rolled out a three-point plan to draw business back to Illinois.

Editor's note: The following is a press release from Bob Kalnicky. 

, Republican candidate for the 98th State Representative District, spoke to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in last week. Kalnicky will face Democratic candidate  in the November election. 

Kalnicky rolled out a three-point plan to draw businesses back to Illinois, help businesses grow and help Illinois businesses become more successful and profitable:

  1. Vote to repeal the corporate income tax increase of 2011
  2. Work to balance the state budget, cut spending, and reduce the deficit
  3. Initiate substantive legislation on workers comp reform

“We can’t fault companies like Sears or CME for using their influence to be granted an exemption from this tax, but small businesses need a voice in Springfield that will fight to give them the same consideration as the large companies,” said Kalnicky in discussing his 3-point plan.

“Companies like Caterpillar have been synonymous with manufacturing in Illinois for many years, but because of the fiscal uncertainty of our state and Illinois’ failure to pay its bills, they decided to build their new manufacturing plant in North Carolina, not Illinois. Regarding workers comp, the number one thing that needs to be addressed is the issue of causality – the preponderance of evidence must show that the injury happened at work.”

However, Kalnicky said he recognizes more will still need to be done, in a release.

“My plan is simple and directly addresses some of the biggest obstacles to business growth in Illinois, but it’s not stand-alone. There will still be more that needs to be done, such as reducing burdensome regulations and licensing fees that discourage entrepreneurs. I won’t stop with these three points; I’ll keep working to do what needs to be done to make Illinois a place where businesses can succeed.”


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