Library Auction Raises More Money Than Expected

The Fountaindale Public Library Board of Trustees voted last week to dump the nearly $24,000 in auction proceeds in the library's general fund.

When library officials decided to auction off all of the Fountaindale Public Library's old furniture and other items, they thought they would get a few thousand dollars in return.

Maybe $5,000, if they were lucky.

Instead, the proceeds from the March 5 auction brought in $23,983.

That money will be dumped into the library's general fund and used to purchase some special items the library has not purchased yet for its new digs, board president Peggy Danhof said.

The board had previously agreed to give the money to a local non-profit organization in Bolingbrook, but after residents spoke out and the board's president advised them not to, board members agreed to use the money for library purposes.

The board officially approved that transaction at its meeting last week.

Avid Reader March 25, 2011 at 02:20 AM
I do not think that is accurate. From what I saw before in the news and public reports they were talking about donating some of the old and grungy furnishings to local non-profits and charities. Somebody in the public griped about that which is fair. All in all it didn't look like they had made a decision and were just talking it over. Deciding to do the "right thing" actually does involve talking it over and deciding what to do. Instead of jumping on unpaid civic volunteers for talking over a situation, I'd step back and realize that they are doing pretty darn good compared to most other local organizations I see. Good that they raised 24K for the Library! I'd like them to use that to put in better seating for parents in Children's Section! I only let my kids play on computers when I need to sit and work on something a minute.......there is no place for parents to sit in the new Library in this area. And the Librarians are having to be Gamebrarians in this area as the focus is on Computers. They are going to have to add in seating for the grown-ups here as we use the Children's Section with our kids. And please buy some pencil sharpeners. With 24,000 I'd say you could buy a few.
Avid Reader March 25, 2011 at 01:19 PM
And by the way dear Library......I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Library. Least my comment be interpreted as negative - I am 96% pleased with the facility, design, and new services. My kids are begging to go every day. The collection is marvelous! I'd just be 100% pleased if my tush had somwhere to rest if I let the kids use the computers. I think you did a tremendous job at actually a very decent price for a new Library. Thank you for hearing what we needed and acting on it.
Jimmy J March 25, 2011 at 02:49 PM
Avid Reader is in misinformed and in error about the auction funds. I suggest that he/she needs to read the Archived Minutes of the Library Board for January. At the January Board Meeting the Board voted to transfer the auction proceeds to the Friends of the Library. At the March Board Meeting the board changed the decision and decided to keep the funds in the Libary's General Fund since their lawyer told them to otherwise was illegal. You may want to attend Library Board Meetings and not just rely on news reports.
Avid Reader March 25, 2011 at 02:56 PM
Either way Jimmy J - be it Friends of the Library or General Fund it all benefits the Library. A Friends group normally has a "wish list" that supplements things the Library needs. I can see the difficult in transferring the funds to the Friends as that is a different organization, typically an individual 501c3 or such. I think the inital convo had to do with donating items. So not misinformed, but perhaps just a differing opinion. I've been in a Friends Group (though not at Bolingbrook) and usually the Library and staff presents needed items to the Friends Group. I think that actually would have been better as it produces tangible things the organization needs rather then disappearing into operational reserves. But I appreciate the rebuttal!
Jimmy J March 25, 2011 at 10:04 PM
You might think it was a good idea to give to another non profit, but it was determined illegal. The funds raised by the auction were actually derived from the sale of assets paid for by taxpayers. The funds were indirectly tax dollars. They should remain with the Library General Fund and used to pay for essential library services or supplies or to lower our taxes. Spending library funds on other non profits, however well intended is illegal and also unethical. Spending tax dollars intended for the library on other non profits could cause an increase in our taxes ...which also would be wrong. Thanks for being respectful.


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