Tribune Picks Biggert, Kalnicky, McGuire

The Chicago Tribune editorial board has released its endorsements for the 11th Congressional District, 98th state representative seat and 43rd state senate seat.

11th Congressional District

Tribune Endorses: Judy Biggert 

Reason: "Biggert is a more reliable vote against federal government borrowing and spending. She has focused on science, education and financial services. She is a voice for tolerance and for economic restraint."

98th State Representative 

Tribune Endorses: Bob Kalnicky 

Reason: Bob Kalnicky, a Republican from Bolingbrook, would bring a unique perspective to the General Assembly. He oversees a nonprofit counseling agency, the Community Service Council, which recently received state money to launch a foreclosure prevention program...His perspective from the nonprofit world would be useful; he knows how grant funds can be wasted and how to ensure accountability."

43rd State Senate 

Tribune Endorses: Pat McGuire 

Reason: "Based on his early record, we're going to give the benefit of the doubt to McGuire...McGuire has taken some fiscally responsible votes. He supported an end to free health care for state retirees, a perk the taxpayers don't get and can't afford to provide. He supported a limited pension reform bill that passed the Senate in May."

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There are plenty of ways to keep up on Bolingbrook news:

Adrianne October 26, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I live in the 49th district and my choices for Illinois Senate are Garrett Peck (R) and Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant. Why are they not listed when Bolingbrook candidates are profiled?


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