Valley View School Board Members Back Kalnicky for State Rep

Three members of the Valley View School District 365U board have endorsed Bob Kalnicky for the state representative of the 98th district.

Editor's note: The following is a press release from Bob Kalnicky's campaign. Kalnicky (R) is running against Natalie Manley (D) for the newly created district. 

The recent Chicago teacher's strike has helped to shine a light on the quality of education in Illinois and has called attention to the need for reform. Candidate for the 98th State Representative seat, Bob Kalnicky, has made education reform a focus in his campaign and will make it a priority in Springfield.

"We've seen a breakdown of the public education system in Illinois over the last 20 years and it's time for us to put that in reverse. The plan that I've released puts the focus where it belongs, and that's student-centered. I am a long time proponent for lifting the cap on charter schools because these schools allow good teachers more flexibility in a less bureaucratic environment to maximize the potential they see in all their students," said Kalnicky.

Kalnicky has already begun working with local school board members to identify problems and come up with common-sense solutions. Plainfield School District 202 Board President, Roger Bonuchi, believes Kalnicky is the representative his district needs in Springfield if they are to see true education reform. "I've seen something in Bob that I haven't seen enough of in Springfield,and that's a passion for true education reform that will help our schooldistricts succeed. Bob has demonstrated true leadership in coming out infront of the education debate, reminding people that this is about preparingour kids for the future to keep America competitive. That's exactly the kind of person the students and families in my school district need working forthem in Springfield," said Bonuchi.

Bonuchi is not alone in his support of Kalnicky for State Representative. Valley View School Board members Leo Venegas and Rick Gougis and Board President, Steve Quigley; and Troy Community Consolidated School Board member, Kristin Etheridge have all openly endorsed Kalnicky's candidacy and become active volunteers.

"Students and families in Illinois deserve more than the same failed policies that we've had to live with for decades. My daughters deserve more. My opponent will stand with and support Mike Madigan and the status quo that has systematically been destroying our state for 30 years with zero accountability. I choose to stand with, represent, and fight for the hardworking families of Illinois," stated Kalnicky.

Kalnicky, has earned a continuous stream of endorsements and support from leaders across the state and locally. A full list ofKalnicky's endorsements can be found here: www.kalnicky.com/endorsements.


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