Valley View Seeks to Maximize Efficiency During Summer Construction Projects

Amendment to contract adds site improvements, technology to existing agreement

Classrooms may soon be empty when summer break begins next week, but throughout , buildings will be buzzing with activity – construction activity, that is.

On April 16, the Valley View Board of Education approved a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMAX) contract in the amount of $12,320,590 with Wight & Company of Darien for the design, construction and renovation of the district’s 12 elementary schools to accommodate all-day kindergarten classrooms next fall.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the board amended the GMAX contract to add the cost of site improvements at R.C. Hill Elementary School, as well as technology infrastructure improvements for the district’s kindergarten, first- and fifth-grades, math rooms and computer labs for the career readiness program.

According to a report by Gary Grizaffi, assistant superintendent for administrative services, Wight will design and coordinate the additional work as it completes the district-wide all-day-kindergarten construction projects over the summer.

The bulk of the cost of the project at R.C. Hill, which will include improved parking, drop-off and pick-up lanes, a new playground area, lighting and more, will be funded through a $1,000,000 grant by the through its Tax Increment Financing (TIF) allocation. The total cost of the project is estimated at $1,100,000.

School board president Steven Quigley praised Village of Romeoville Mayor John Noak and village manager Steve Gulden for their cooperation and assistance in securing TIF money to help fund the improvements at the school, which is located in the village’s downtown redevelopment district.

The cost of the planned technology upgrades to accommodate the use of Smart boards, projectors and teacher computer connectivity in 138 classrooms and 23 computer rooms is estimated at $877,620. According to Grizzafi, nearly half of the cost was included in a technology plan previously approved by the board. The actual cost will be determined when bids are received in June.

The combined cost for the amended contract with Wight & Company for improvements to the R.C. Hill site and technology infrastructure is $2,164,483.


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