All-Day Kindergarten Construction Projects to Begin; RHS Gets New Boiler System

The board also OK'd a plan to replace outdated lockers at Brooks Middle School.

will pay $833,300 to Wight & Company of Darien to begin site work to prep all 12 elementary campuses to house next fall.

The company — which is also providing design and engineering services on the program, is set to start work by April 3, according to district documents.

“The objective is to have each of our elementary schools ready this August for the start of the 2012-13 school year,” Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services Gary Grizaffi said in a memo to the board, calling the schedule a “very aggressive timeline.”

Citing the “long-term benefits” of the program, the board recently signed off on plans to outfit all elementary campuses for all-day kindergarten.

RHS boiler system to get an update

Board of education members OK’d spending an estimated $599,336 to replace the outdated heating system at with a more energy efficient boiler plant on Monday.

Grizaffi said much of the existing heating system — including the two main boilers — are original to the building, which opened in 1963.

After 48 years of use, the system is showing signs of wear, Grizaffi said, and is no longer efficient.

The board approved a contract with F.E. Moran of Northbrook for a new boiler system, consisting on four boilers. The bid includes $609,000 for the new boiler plant, $13,000 to replace the damaged ceiling in the boiler room and another $100,300 to replace domestic water heater tanks — for a grand total of $722,300.

The cost is anticipated to be offset by a $92,964 grant through the State of Illinois’ custom energy incentive program, along with a $30,000 grant from a Romeoville business.

That leaves a $599,336 bill to be paid by the district’s maintenance and operations and life safety funds, according to Grizaffi.

Grizaffi estimated that the more efficient system will reduce fuel usage by 20 percent, for a savings of $30,000 per year. Additional efficiency measures including eliminating domestic hot water production pumps and reducing operating horsepower by centralizing the pumps could save another $10,000 per year. 

New lockers at Brooks

Just months after approving new lockers for RHS, the board agreed to spend $76,145 to replace 38-year-old lockers at in Bolingbrook.

The outdated lockers, ranging from six to eight inches wide, “make it cumbersome for storage of book bags and coats,” Grizaffi said.

In 2009, the district replaced 685 lockers at the campus with 400 new ones, mainly in the sixth-grade wing.

The remaining 1,436 old lockers will be replaced with new, 12-inch lockers over the next two years.

For now, the district will replace 832 existing lockers with 542 new lockers, serving the rest of the sixth-graders and the seventh-grade class. The remaining lockers for eighth-grade students will be bid separately next summer, according to Grizaffi.

The board voted Monday to award the bid to Lyon Workspace Products of Montgomery.

tc March 29, 2012 at 08:17 PM
Pioneer kids now have two fantastic playgrounds, the other one was in close proximity so the children can enjoy it. Bhs got new lockers a couple years back which was very expensive. I do realize there are a lot more important issues with our schools, bit it is still fusterating when its the only school In the district that dosent have one. Sorry I am just venting. When our school had to be excited about getting air condition 5 years ago.
Marie March 29, 2012 at 09:45 PM
Just clarifying that Pioneer does not have two playgrounds. One is the Indian Chase Meadows (part of the park district) and the other is the one that was funded by the PTO/PTA. Yes, the students did use the one at ICM but it was not provided by the school district. If memory serves me correctly, the playground was there before the school was built.
tc March 29, 2012 at 10:18 PM
That's my point it was close enough to use it our is not, they only get to use the park districts twice a year cause by the time they get to it it time to go back in. I am just saying all the years the school has been around one should of been built. You wouldn't like it if your child had to play on blacktop everyday. Like I said there are mote important issues going on than a playground. I am just tired of hearing all the excuses and seeing all the money go for other things in the district. That's all is just seems like it shouldn't take years and years and years to create a safe environment for the kids to let off some steam. Just like my child should be being taught all subjects and not a couple. But it is a public school system and there are so many things that are wrong with it.
tc March 29, 2012 at 10:30 PM
As to several years waiting for a playground is not bad considering this school has been waiting decades.pioneer built in 2000 and tibbiot built in 1967 and still waiting...
Kristie March 30, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I imagine that it would be frustrating. Maybe you could join the PTO and chair the fundraiser to raise the money to put a playground in. You might want to contact KABOOM and see if they can help. R C Hill in Romeoville did this a few years ago. http://kaboom.org/


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