Author Tells Brooks Middle School Students to “be Observant”

Stacy DeKeyser, author of The Brixen Witch, visited Brooks Middle School this month to speak to students about inspiration.

Writing can be both exciting and frustrating according to author Stacy DeKeyser, who urged Brooks Middle School students this month to “be observant and pay attention because you never know where inspiration will come from.”

DeKeyser told students the inspiration for her latest book, The Brixen Witch, came almost two decades ago when she went on vacation with her family to the mountains in Italy.

“I was just starting to write then,” she said, adding she became interested in a local legend about a little witch who lived in a mountain.

The Brixen Witch, which eventually became a reality after she wrote two non-fiction books and a soon-to-be published fantasy fiction piece, is “my own version of the Pied Piper with a witch and a yellow coin.”

Publishing the book took a lot of work, DeKeyser said, pointing out that she had to write a chapter, edit it, put it aside for a while, edit it again, run it past a few experts and do it all over again for each new chapter.

“Nothing is perfect the first time you write it down,” she said.

DeKeyser told students she has always loved to read.

“The more I read, the more I wanted to write stories of my own.”

Her appearance was courtesy of Andersons Book Shop.

Editor's note: The following is a press release from Valley View School District 365U. 

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