Brooks to Present 'Parents Just Don't Understand'

Students will act out a series of vignettes Feb. 19-21.

Submitted by Valley View School District:

“Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

Or do they?

Stop by Brooks at 7 p.m. on Feb. 19, 20 or 21 to get the answer when students at the Bolingbrook middle school stage their annual spring play.

Cast members for the vignettes include:                                                

  • Scene 1--Putting the “Fun” Back in Funeral: Mother--Kate Smith, Father--Joe Bovaird, Daughter--Madison Mack, Son--Shane Frantz, and Biker--Ivan Puente
  • Scene 2--You’re Driving Me Crazy: Father--John Francisco and Daughter--Kaylin Walters
  • Scene 3--Clothes Make the Man: Mother--Abigail Friedenberg and Son--Spencer Avery
  • Scene 4--She Said, She Said: Mother--Kate Schaeflein and Daughter-- MacKenzie Davidson
  • Scene 5--What Are You Thankful For?: Mother--Leida Sierra, Father--John Francisco, Tomboy Daughter--Zoe Kelliher, and Daughter--Madison Peyton
  • Scene 6--To Grandmother’s House We Go: Grandma-- Tierney Wright, Grandpa--Payton Hixson, Son--Johnathan Simmons, and Daughter--Katrina Schell
  • Scene 7--Christmas Is a Time for Honesty: Mother--Lordiss Burton, Father--Julian Herrera, Son--Tim Worlton, and Daughter--Deana Falese
  • Scene 8--The Talk: Father--Spencer Avery and Son--Charlie Madura
  • Scene 9--It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To: Birthday Girl--Michelle Gonzalez, Bratty Sister--Brittany Gieseler, Father--Joe Bovaird, and Mother--Kaleigh Tricker
  • Scene 10--The Long and Winding Road: Father--Tim Worlton, Mother--Samantha Randall, Daughter with video game--Kloe Walters, and Daughter with earbuds--Amanda Crisp
Crew members include: Sound Board--Kathleen Lucchesi and Kiara Bryant; Microphones--Andrew Abrams; Light Board--Nafay Abdul; Spotlight--Ricky Thach and Eric Brociek; Set Crew--Kummi Olatunde, Anthony Flamenco, Luke Chow, Jacob Chow, and Zach Arteaga; Costumes/Makeup--Mallory Maxwell, Kendra Carrillo, and Grace Trevino; and House and Publicity--Tia Juday.

Gina Velino is Student Director, Joe Callahan is stage manager and Ashley Lapidus is his understudy, and Grace Hand and Tierney Wright are assistant stage managers.

Ruth Bardy and Liese Koller are directors.

Tickets are $4 in advance and $5 at the door.



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