Salk Students Enjoy Immigration Feast

A fifth grade class at Jonas Salk Elementary School in Bolingbrook recently took a visual and culinary tour of more than a dozen countries.

Editor's note: This press release was provided by Valley View School District 365U. 

Students in Heidi Legner’s fifth grade class at Jonas Salk Elementary School recently took visual and culinary tours of more than a dozen countries.

The project, designed to help students familiarize themselves with their own heritage as well as the heritage of their classmates, featured an “immigration feast” with food prepared by parents and staff.

The fifth-graders were required to do some research on their families’ backgrounds and prepare either a written report, a poster or a PowerPoint presentation. They also needed to come up with a food that best represents their family’s country of origin.

Among the countries represented were India, Thailand, Mexico, China, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, the Phillipines, Ghana, Germany and Puerto Rico.

When asked which food was the best, one student responded “everything.”


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