STEP Student Council President An 'Advocate for Students'

20-year-old Matt Kalis said he wants to make school a better place by making it fun.

STEP Student Council President Matt Kalis with Sandra Jones. Credit: Valley View
STEP Student Council President Matt Kalis with Sandra Jones. Credit: Valley View
Submitted by Valley View School District:

Matt Kalis is a go-getter. His brain constantly churns out ideas.

That’s why the 20-year-old young man is Student Council President for VVSD’s Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP).

“I want to make school a better place by making it fun for students,” Kalis said. “I want everyone to come together because we are one big family.”

“Matt is a very motivated student. That’s why he was selected to be President,” said Sandra Jones, who serves as advisor to the STEP Student Council. “He rallies around the other students. And he’s kind and helpful.”

Kalis is a life-long product of the VVSD system, starting out at the Valley View Early Childhood Center, and then attending Jonas Salk, Humphrey and Bolingbrook High School. He will graduate from the STEP program next year which means he’ll likely serve another term as Student Council President when he’s done with the current term.

His dream is to own his own restaurant or catering service.

“I love to cook,” he said with a big smile.

As a key player in STEP’s “Dinner Is Ready” program, Kalis gets lots of experience cooking and serving meals to staff at five different VVSD schools.

He also is at the forefront of Student Council’s “Snack Shack” which sells various types of snacks to students during the lunch hour.

“It’s important to him to help bring money into the program because of what the program has meant to him,” Jones said.

STEP’s Student Council isn’t the traditional governing body one might find in a middle school or a high school because many of the students are out of the building most days on work assignments.

“It’s really to get students involved in their school,” Jones said.

“I’m a good advocate for students,” Kalis said. “Last year we didn’t have anyone, so I’m stepping up this year.”


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