VVSD Board to Vote on $274M Budget Monday

You can view the budget online at vvsd.org before Monday's Valley View School District school board meeting.

Valley View School District 365U school board members will vote Monday on a nearly $274 million budget.

The document is available by stopping in at the VVSD Administration Center at 755 Dalhart Avenue, Romeoville or by going to www.vvsd.org.

The budget represents an increase of $5.1 million or 6.6 percent over last year, according to the Bugle. 

Big changes include: 

  • Cost associated with build-out and renovations for all-day kindergarten 
  • Additional 21 teachers for all-day kindergarten 
  • Increase of $2.7 million in scheduled debt service payment 
  • Anticipated increase in salary per labor agreements 

The district has $241,582,767 in operating funds, or an increase of $5.1 million from FY12, according to district documents. The budget includes projected revenues of $202,266,178 and expenses of $230,234,167. 

VVSD officials said last month the district's budget will be balanced by FY15. The district is utilizing its fund balance in the midst of a $13 million deficit from FY13. The district projects that deficit will shrink to $5 million in FY14. 

"We're headed in the right direction financially," said Gary Grizaffi, assistant superintendent for administrative services. "The revenue side of the equation continues to get hammered every time you turn around." 

Valley View has received $36.5 million from the state instead of the $64 million it should have received, Grizaffi said. 

"We've born the brunt of a decrease (in state aid)," Grizaffi said. "That's money that can't be made up anywhere, anyplace." 

The district will face great financial difficulty if the state moves forward in shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local school districts over 12 years, Grizaffi said. The Illinois General Assembly will meet Aug. 17 to discuss the issue.  

The FY13 budget will continue to be fine-tuned before the board's vote and will change daily, Grizaffi said. "We try to incorporate everything we know to date to give us the best guess of where we're headed and we're not going down a path we're not going to afford." 

Robert Nordbye September 21, 2012 at 12:51 PM
They better figure out somewhere else to get the money than put it on the taxpayers. Were robbed blind every year, why can other states do it for a lot less than Illinios? It's not like Illinois is leading this country in it's educational rankings. For the money we put in it now we should be. Your figure out a different way to come up with the 5.1 million, how about selling girl scout cookies, or how about your own pockets - seeing most of the teachers don't live in Bolingbrook.
Lettuce September 21, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Increase in salaries? They could eliminate part of that by getting rid of the 20 administrative positions that have been created over the last two years. And the construction costs that go along with the renovations for these people. And do we really need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants? EIther they are crappy consultants or nobody is listeing to them, because things don't seem to be getting better, that's for sure.
Rhonda September 21, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Nothing will change until voters make the change. As stated in the article, the budget is available online, and the board meetings are open to the public. The facts are right there. Mitchem's $40k windfall, Tressler Law Firm's monopoly on every governmental entity in Bolingbrook, the multi-year guaranteed raises for teachers, over paid administrators, increased student fees, school board members owned by special interest...(..on..and...on) Nothing will change until the voters make a change. The next local election is April, 2013. VOTE!
Wanna Bet September 21, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Hey, that's ok- the stuporintendent got his $67,000 after taxes and for that I have a $750 increase on my tax bill. I don't mind paying for education but I do have a problem with the rampant stupidity and poor decision making... Vote, vote, vote. Hopefully someone will run that can edge some of these idiots out.
Kimmy f September 21, 2012 at 07:10 PM
I am just astounded by this. As residents of 365, we already pay $500 a year more in property taxes for the same valued house in 202 and 204 and a whopping $1,000 more than 203. Now they want to increase even more! To cap it all the results coming out of 365 are still way behind other local school districts. These board members are clueless and out of touch with reality. They need to cut the budget by 6% not increase it.
Rhonda September 21, 2012 at 07:43 PM
If you want to see what happens to a community when one-man, one-party, one-group control an entire community, just look at the Village of Bolingbrook, and answer one question - Are you comfortable with our community being controlled by one man? Mayor Claar and the First Party controls the Village Board, VVSD school board (aka "The Friends of VV), Fountaindale Library board, and DuPage Township. Basically, he's controlling hundreds of millions in tax dollars. How do you think Mitchem was able to receive that windfall? [a school board that's controlled by Claar 5 to 2.] Tressler Law Firm not only make tons of money off the Village, VVSD, Fountaindale, etc. by handling the various lawsuits with the school district and the Village. They are also major campaign donors to Claar, et al. Visit the Illinois Campaign Contribution website to see for yourself. We need to encourage qualified and independent members in the community to step up and run for local office. THEN VOTEFOR THEM. There are highly intelligent people in the community that love Bolingbrook, respect all that Claar has done, and want to run for public office. However, they want nothing to do with his regime. They want to serve the community, not the special interest. Like I said, nothing will change until the voters make a change.
Felix George September 22, 2012 at 05:45 PM
As I walked the streets and knocking on doors while campaigning for County Board District 4 , the majority people were concerned about high property taxes. I indicated to them that over 74% of their taxes are due to the School District tax levy and I encouraged them to attend the next budget hearings and many people indicated that they will attend. Well now we are there, let us see how many will attend.
Aunt Jemima September 22, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Aint nothins gonna change till we gets out and votes the man outta ofice. Iz an acountants ao Iz no whats Im talkin bout. I incourage every body to comes out and vote four me.
Annie H. September 23, 2012 at 02:57 AM
I'm confused. How can they vote on a budget when the teachers' contract has not been settled??? Are they really going to vote with an "anticipated increase?" Pardon my ignorance, but what is the fiscal year for the school district? If it isn't until January 1, why are we in such a hurry to present and pass this budget before the contract has been approved by the union? Also, I am appalled by the cost for the all-day Kindergarten. In my opinion, if Dr. Mitchem wanted to do this, the costs should have been planned for BEFORE it became a reality, not after. 21 new teachers for that? Why? Is there a reason why the Kindergarten teachers we already had aren't teaching it? I agree with Lettuce...there are FAR too many administrators in this district. Every time I turn around a new one is being hired for some new program or title. I just don't get it.
stephanie September 24, 2012 at 09:05 PM
Unfortunately, my youngest is in all day kindergarten. I've personally stopped in and seen what 24 kids in a classroom looks like and I've got to say they need more adults. I wish they could just require parents to volunteer like private schools make mandatory. But, the reality is they built the all day kindergarten and it's here to stay, and they need more teachers in the classroom. It's not possible to keep them all engaged without someone wandering off, falling asleep, or causing a discipline problem.


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