WGN-TV Weatherman Visits Oak View's Second Graders

WGN-TV weatherman Paul Konrad spent some time with Kristy DeGroot’s second-grade students Monday.

Editor's Note: The following is a release from the Valley View School District.

When it comes to the key to success, WGN-TV weatherman Paul Konrad sums it up in seven words.

"Find something you love and pursue it," he told Kristy DeGroot’s second grade class during his visit to on Monday.

“As you move along in your life, I really want to encourage you to be a good student,” Konrad said. “Use the skills given to you to the best of your ability."

He admitted predicting the weather isn’t an exact science, citing completely incorrect forecasts for a cold and snowy winter.

“A lot of the weather forecasting models are wrong so much,” he said. “I have zero confidence in any forecasts that say it’s going to be a hot or a cool summer.”

The class asked the Chicago native a few questions before delivering their own forecast for the day to him.

What’s his favorite weather? "57 degrees, cloudy and very windy."

How does temperature change? "The sun is the single biggest factor."

How did he become a weatherman? “I was in TV news and I wanted to be involved in something that affected everyone. And I loved to communicate.”

What time does he get up for his 4 a.m. newscast? "1:30 a.m." Konrad goes to sleep about 9:30 or 10.

Does he wear makeup? Yes, because “the lights are so bright, I would look like a ghost without it."

What’s it like working with Tom Skilling? “That guy is off-the-charts smart. There is no one on the planet who understands weather better than he does.”

How does he feel when he’s working? “I feel happy and maybe a little anxious.”

Does he get stage fright? “Not too often.”

Does he know what the weather is on Planet Mercury today? “I didn’t check that forecast this morning.”


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