Fitness tips during Commercial Breaks

Fitness tips during commercial breaks

Commercial break: 

You enjoy watching TV, right?  Whether it be your favorite talent show that could decide that small-town girl's singing career to the next round or that all important football game on Sunday that could decide the team's playoff fate.  Whatever you are watching, does this next scenario sound familiar?  You get so involved in the moment of the show.  You're about to find out what happens....waiting for the judges decision....waiting for the call on the instant replay....then....the commercial comes on.  Now you have to wait 3 - 4 minutes before you know what happens.  What do you do now?  Well, here are two options what to do with that time, and you decide which one works for you. 

Option 1:  Sit on the couch for 3 - 4 minutes and continue watching TV.  Have fun watching that 3 - 4 minute intermission of companies trying to sell you products that you don't really need.  Enjoy that 3 - 4 minutes of television networks advertising their newest Tuesday night show.  Get hungry watching that 3 - 4 minutes of delicious food advertising you don't need to be eating and expensive restaurants that you don't need to be dining at.  Have even more fun sitting and changing the channel for 3 - 4 minutes only to find that every other network is also on a commercial break. 

Option 2:  Get up and be active for 3 - 4 minutes until the show comes back on.  Do push-ups for the first commercial break.  Do abdominal crunches for the second commercial break.  And do squats for the third commercial break.  That's 3 different exercises between 3 - 4 minutes each for ONE half-hour TV show!  If you do the math,  9 - 12 minutes of exercise right there.  Now for a 60-minute show, add a second set of those 3 exercises.  That's a 18 - 24 minutes of exercise total for a one-hour show.  Why not change up the exercises too?  Try a commercial break of lunges or split squats to work the legs more.  Try a commercial break of tricep push-ups or tricep dips from the chair.  Incorporate different abdominal strengthening exercises like bicycle kicks or oblique crunches too.  All of these would be a more productive use of time while you are waiting for the commercials to end.

Live active.  Let's go.

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