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Bolingbrook has been my home for the past 21 years. We love collecting trees, and letting them grow, so our yard is more like a trip through the woods. I retired from retail, after becoming disabled a few years ago. I'm passionate about photography, creating jewelry, my two dogs, and music. My husband is a virtuoso guitarist, and I spend hours Online promoting his original music. You can also call me his manager, producer, and sound engineer. All his music is recorded in our home studio, where I use my computer to record, mix, and play the songs. I've produced 7 CD's, incuding the artwork, all by myself. Currently, 9 of his songs are sitting in the #1 chart positions at Soundclick.com. in various genres from Jazz, Metal, Rock, Funk, Alternative, and World categories. 30 songs are at least #2-#5 on today's charts, too. www.soundclick.com/garyskopicksredshift
Gary is working in collaboration with a drummer, Dave Goode on the West coast. I get drum tracks from Dave, and record Gary playing guitar tracks, that he has improvised, and mix them down into songs. We are honored, as Dave is the drummer with Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush, a legendary guitarist's band, whom Gary admired greatly, since he was in his teens.  Our band opened for Frank Marino a few years ago, and Dave really liked Gary's original playing style, so he contacted us about combining their talents. 11 incredible songs have been completed so far.    
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