Kevin Trudo
I love mandolins and guitars, dogs, my mom, knives, all that time after midnight and before dawn, well written songs and better books. I love Aurora. Old buildings. Lenny Bruce, Steve Earle, and Blossom Dearie. I love pick up trucks and Miles Davis, John Steinbeck and Kate Hepburn. I like the way mechanical things work. I like the clavicle and the part on a woman between her ribs and hips. Polenta and calamari. Whisky, Ghost stories, yo-yos, Skateboards, pencils, hand made cigarettes, chess, Flannery O’Connor, and wood. Almost anything made out of wood. I thinks birds are great and wish my dogs didn’t hate birds so much. I never want to keep a bird, though; the great thing about them is that they make terrible pets.
It seems as though I have to add kitty cats, too. they’re better than I thought they were. More than anything I love Jenny, Maddie and, pretty soon, Huck. Try thekevintrudo.com if you're still curious. 
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