Toni Greathouse

I can't imagine an occupation more fulfilling than writing. It allows me to convey a gamut of feelings and emotions by simply utilizing a passage of prose, or quirky turn of a phrase. What has made writing so satisfying is the freedom to focus on the community I am a part of. In many ways, this unexpected gift has supported my quest to become the best person I can be. During my 12 year tenure as a community columnist my only editorial direction was to seek out the 'positive aspects' of life between Bolingbrook's boundaries. I am richly blessed to be able to continue this mission via the Bolingbrook Patch. In this new capacity my focus will remain on highlighting a wide variety of people, places, organizations and locally sponsored events. In essence, writing about each of these 'community components' illustrates the many reasons why Bolingbrook is such a phenomenal place to live, work and play!   
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