Coop's Den Grand Opening Draws Large Crowd

The May 25 event was held in honor of the fifth anniversary of the passing of Samantha Cooper’s father, who was a successful lounge owner on the south side of Chicago.

There's something romantic and definitely nostalgic about the newly opened restaurant/lounge .

Co-owned by Lawrence and Samantha Cooper, the -based husband and wife team, are entrepreneurial heirs who seek to operate a thriving business while paying homage to their roots.

Although the business has been opened a month, the owners strategically planned the grand opening for May 25 in honor of the fifth anniversary of the passing of Samantha Cooper’s father. 

Family-minded, the parents of seven grown children that range in age from 21 to 35 consciously sought to create a welcoming atmosphere where adults could leave the kids at home, relax, sip cocktails, nosh on delicious food and enjoy themselves.  

“My father, Marcellus Smith, along with my mother ran a successful lounge in the Roseland area on the south side of Chicago for 20 years,” Samantha Cooper said. “They actually had two lounges and a liquor store. My husband’s family had a lounge, so you could say it’s in our blood.”

"I’m so proud of both of them,” said Samantha’s mother, Glenda Smith. “She’s daddy’s little girl, so I know he’d be proud. They’re both business-minded people and I know they’ll do well. I just keep telling them as long as they remember to make time  for each other they’ll be fine.”

More than just in their blood, the Coopers bring to the venture a wealth of knowledge drawn from working for larger entities. It is an idea that
has been carefully planned and orchestrated over a period of seven years.

“I couldn’t have done this without my wife,” Lawrence Cooper said. “I’m an IT guy and AP engineer. I’ve spent years traveling internationally and I’m happy to be able to finally get off the road. We share this dream and are 100 percent committed to this business and its growth.”

Situated in a true niche market, although a restaurant, Coop’s Den extends something that is hard to find in the western suburbs: a cozy place that offers entertainment that caters to mature adults.

“I can’t believe this is the old Portillo’s,” said patron Linda McNece-Harris. “The décor is so nice. This is just what we need in Bolingbrook — no more traveling out to the south suburbs to go stepping. It’s here every Sunday."

Stepping is a unique style dance (popular in Chicago and Detroit) whose basic structure involves movements of triple and rock steps where the anchor leads and the follower synchronizes their steps in a complementary manner.

Conveniently located just off the corner of Boughton Road and Route 53, Coop’s Den is poised for success featuring karaoke on Tuesday evening, live blues on Wednesday evening, live bands on Thursday evening, jazzy soul every Friday and Saturday, as well as a DJ on deck from 10:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Sharon Gunter June 15, 2012 at 09:45 PM
A co-worker and I went to Coop's Den for lunch today. The food was good, nice ambiance and excellent service.
nathaniel gilbert December 11, 2012 at 10:03 PM
My wife and I decided to stop for lunch the other week since we had heard some good things. They were right! The food was good, the pricing reasonable and a very comfortable atmosphere. It certainly has my approval and provides an excellent option in Bolingbrook. Congratulations!


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